What You Need To Know About The Best Ionic Air Purifier

There are certain circumstances where having an air purifier machine can actually help you rather than just be an expensive toy. Also, don’t be tempted to get a big ole fancy ionic air purifier just because everybody else seems to be getting one. And you certainly don’t need to give in to fear by spending money you can’t afford on yet another gadget. Some homes where the family is in good health and do not smoke won’t need an elaborate ionic air purifier. And yet again, some will.

Who Needs One?

If you live the same house as a smoker, then an air purifier not only makes the home smell better, it also makes it a lot easier to breathe for the non-smokers of the home. Non-smokers who live with smokers with an ionic air purifier often report that their eyes don’t sting as much or they don’t have to cough as often as before.


Another kind of person who can benefit from an air purifier is someone who is allergic to pet dander and wants to do the humane thing and keep the pet. Although not a magic bullet solution, an air purifier can help make life a lot more bearable for the person allergic to pet dander. Both smoke and pet dander are large particles that cause irritation which can be very easily trapped in an air purifier.

People with severe breathing problems like bronchitis can also benefit from modern air purifiers. You still need to clean your home regularly, take your medication, keep your home ventilated and follow your doctor’s advice. But some people with severe allergies or bronchitis have claimed their quality of life is better with an air purifier in their home.

What They Can’t Do

If you’re going to invest in an air purifier, then you better be aware of their limitations so you don’t get any nasty surprises. Don’t expect these neat little gadgets to filter out germs or airborne bacteria. Those are incredibly small particles that won’t get caught in a filter. They also cannot help against dust mites, just in case you or someone in your home has a dust mite allergy.

Also, contrary to some urban legends, no air purifier on the market will help protect you from an atomic blast. If it did, then there wouldn’t be any nuclear bombs anywhere anymore, nor would there be non-nuclear countries wanting to figure out how to get these bombs. And yes, there are still some people who will believe anything.

In my opiniion the best ionic air purifier is the one that fits your budget and does the job of cleaning the air in your home effectively.