What To Look For In The Best UV Air Purifier

uv-light-air-purifierThere are some features you simply can not afford to not have if you are looking at getting a UV air purifier. All of these features will be in the best UV air purifiers, so when you are shopping make sure that they have them before you buy. Even better use a UV air purifier review to help you find the best UV air purifier as they will be able to go over all the features and will make sure that the unit has exactly what you need. I have shopped for many an air purifier and have found that the best UV air purifiers are far above the ones on the lower end.

What Your Best UV Air Purifier Has To Have

The most important feature of any purifier, and especially theUV air purifier, is how much air flow and volume it can handle. You need to make absolutely sure that the unit will be able to clean the air you have going through it. If it is inadequate then you will have made the purchase for nothing. In addition if it can clean far more air then is going through it then you are wasting money by buying an unnecessarily large unit. Make sure that the specs on the unit match up with what you are trying to do. This way you can be assured that it truly is the best UV air purifier for what you are doing.

The second most important feature of the UV air purifier is the bulb that it has. You want to find a bulb that puts out UV light rays in a very specific spectrum to ensure that they are being as effective as possible at killing and cleaning organic material out of the air. A wide band bulb can create to much toxic ozone and will cause problems beyond the ones that it was trying to fix. You also want to make sure that the lifespan of the bulb that goes in the unit is at least a year. UV air filter bulbs can be expensive to replace and if you are having to churn through one every three months this can add up really quick. I would also look for a unit that has bulbs you can get quickly and easily and that are not a hassle to replace.

Once you have those things in place that is about it for finding your best UV air purifier. The actual function of the unit is not that complicated however there are specific components that need to perform at their best to ensure that you are getting a quality unit.