What is an Ozone Air Purifier? Is It Safe?

ozoneOzone Air Purifier contains an Ozone generator which takes oxygen from the air, convert it to ozone, and sends ozone into the air releasing the third oxygen atom to bind to other gaseous elements. When that atom attaches itself, it has the ability to oxidize gases, microbes, molds, odors, and other pollutants. In fact, Ozone is one of natures natural cleaning agents turning oxygen into ozone cleaning the air and then reverts back to oxygen.

In other words, an ozone air purifier works by providing a positive charge to air which causes particles in the air to become charged too. And then, the air has the charged particles will go through, not stay inside, the purifier to the environment where they will attach onto the first thing they contact with. The other way is set after the air is ionized and use a collection grid to create a trap to clean any particulates that are in the air. This is in fact a more efficient way for an ozone air purifier to work. Either way, these particulates will be landed on your couch, walls, floor, etc. All you have to do is either dust or vacuum them away.

Is Ozone Air Purifier safe?

Because of the amount of ozone that was being released into the room, to safe use of ozone air purifier is in unoccupied rooms. Ozone generator could be a harmful substances because nitrogen monoxide (Nitric oxide) can be created when ozone is made. Although Nitric oxide is a by-product of combustion of substances in the air and is produced naturally during the electrical discharges of lightning in thunderstorms, they are two of nature’s methods for creating ozone.

As years go by and technologies advanced, the way to make an ozone air purifier has been greatly improved.The most important feature that almost all the ozone air purifiers has is the capability to reabsorb ozone and neutralize any excessive exposure to Ozone. No matter what the reason might be, the idea is for you to do some research before you thinking about getting any model of Ozone air purifers for your homes.

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How to choose an Ozone Air Purifier?

For the most options, best ozone creation and best support, look for the following:

  • Cold ozone production
  • More than one ceramic ozone cell
  • Universal voltage
  • Low voltages used in the actual ozone creation
  • No excess heat production or need for cooling fans
  • A good warranty and support options

The biggest advantage of using an ozone air purifier is that the collection grid is very easy to clean. You can use the same grid for a longer time and will save you money in a long run.

Like we have mentioned before, it is for you to get an idea to do more research and figure out what your needs are when looking for an ozone air purifier before you buy one for your homes.

One 2006 study published in the Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association tested 13 air purifiers. Research analysts concluded that even these are capable of producing steady levels of indoor ozone that exceed health standards.