West Bend 41135 Stand Mixer Review

west-bend-41135The West Bend Brand is the only brand of kitchen appliances with nearly a hundred year history of making kitchen memories for American families. Since 1911 it has manufactured innovative products which offer outstanding performance, quality, and value. The West Bend Company got its start as a producer of aluminum goods. Within a span of 10 years, it was producing a wide array of cookware and small kitchen appliances. West Bend became one of the most recognized small appliance brands worldwide. In 2003, The West Bend Company was acquired by Focus Products Group and was renamed West Bend Housewares. In 2007, West Bend Housewares merged with Back to Basics and became known as Focus Electrics. This association strengthened the individual brands and provided Focus Products Group the ability to extend a wider range of creative, seasonal and conventional appliance options to their consumers.

West Bend manufactures a huge range of house hold appliances such as Beverage Makers, Bread Makers, Coffeemakers, Crockery Cookers & Slow Cookers, Electronic Timers, Popcorn Poppers, Skillets, Griddles & Grills, Specialty Electrics, Toasters & Ovens, Mixers, etc. West Bend products combine efficiency, quietness, and quality with unrivaled ease of use. Appliances from West Bend have a skilled design and include novel and intellectual functions. West Bend focuses on the design, engineering, and functionally of its products to create superior small kitchen appliances, designed to meet the needs of today’s family. West Bend brings reliability, performance and affordable prices to kitchens all over the world.

West Bend 41135 Stand Mixer

West Bend 41135 Stand Mixer supports a powerful 12 speed motor with 300 watts. It has two brushed stainless steel mixing bowls of 1.5 and 4 quarts. There is an electronic control which senses the mixing load and automatically adjusts the speed and the power. This stand mixer, on the side has an easy to use beater ejection button and also has a power boost button on the top.

West Bend 41135 Stand Mixer comes with two heavy- duty dough hooks for preparation of bread, along with two beaters. The beaters leave very little batter on the sides of the bowl to scrape down. The other characteristic features are a two- position bowl rest, a top handle, and a release button which ejects the beaters or hooks. West Bend 41135 Stand Mixer is easy to clean as it is dishwasher- safe. It also comes along with a handy mixing guide. West Bend 41135 Stand Mixer carries 1 year warranty. It is easy to store as the mixer comes apart. After use the mixer can be detached and stored.

West Bend 41135 Stand Mixer is suited best for all types of simple mixing and blending to heavier applications. It is a very good mixer for the price. It works great and is light weight.  It is a stand mixer which can fulfill all your cooking requirements.