WEN 6502 Review – Best Seller Belt Disc Sander In Price and Quality

WEN 6502 Belt SanderWhether you’re looking to start your serious business shop, or if you’re interested in home repairing and create new things for your house, you need a sander to help all your works run smoothly and accurately in the reasonable price. There’re a lot of options available on the huge market out here. But, the Wen 6502 belt disc sander stands out above the rest to become the no.1 best seller in Amazon for many reasons. Let’s look out the WEN 6502 review.

Why Would You Buy The WEN 6502 sander?

This sander is able to help you resolve 4 annoyed trouble you usually get while sanding:

Complete Your Job Faster:

Time-consuming is one of the top reason why a lot of people hates sanding jobs so much. The sander is created to reduce the effort and save time in the most basic step in woodworking and create the first shape for your stuff. The same as Wen 6502, which provides the speed up to 3600 RPM for simple smoothen all the surface or materials as fast as need. Especially, the Wen 6502 included all parts and super easy to assemble for using instantly whenever you want.

More accurate- Ability to work in special angles:

This sander is powered by a 4.3 Amp 1/2 HP motor working well in high speed that allows users working in the enough power to sanding the material and avoid bogging down or ruin the loads by pressure.

One thing more we really like about this sander is the mobility feature for excellent accurate with the belt tilts and the disc table miter gauge.

The belt tilt allows customers to adjust from 0 to 90 degrees and all the angles between. That means you are able to sand, smooth the flat or curved surface and removes the jagged edges and splinters on your material (such as wood, metal, and lumber).

Similarly, the miter gauge is supplied to be used on the disc table for set up any position up to 60 degrees in both rights and left side by the lock knob. With this feature, you can easily sand the small end grain or other small surfaces that need the more accurate.

Solid construction:

One of the common problems the big sander usually make is the vibration while working that lead to noisy and inconvenient using. But, the Wen 6502 belt disc sander is built with the sturdy cast iron base to provide the well-built construction without unwanted vibration, wobbling and walking when sanding. Keeping your machine to stay fixed in the place.

More Safety:

When choosing a product, especially electric tool, you’re always looking for one that can ensure the safe for yourself. You may saw many of accidents happens because of the unsafe machine and careless usage. However, be careful when working with electric tools and choose the products that included safe elements to protect your body.

The Wen 6502 appears with the extended blade guard which doubles as a stop for the wood to maximize control and precision during operation time. It also helps you to prevent from sawdust and stop objects like long hair or finger from getting trapped in the belt.

One more point, the dust collector port provides attachment to the dust bag or extra shop vacuum to ensure the saw dust can’t risk your health and reduce cleaning time after work.

What do other customers say?

We’re really surprised because this sander is received so much compliment for its performance, price and safe feature also. With 4.5+/5-star rate and almost positive comments. It becomes the best seller in combination belt disc sander range in Amazon. The only 1 complaint is about the delivery. And it also our recommend product for the large projects sanding job.

Our rating: 5/5 star

Through the WEN 6502 review, as you can see the heavy duty solid construction, strong motor and high speed, this sander provides excellently features and benefit to finishing your sanding processing in the fastest and most efficient way. No more tired of sanding all day but still don’t get the good result. No more worry about the rough stock. This sander can solve many problems you had met before in the low-cost as possible.