Vitamix Blender Turboblend 4500 Countertop with 2+ HP Motor

Product Description

vitamix turboblend 4500 countertopThe Vitamix Blender Turboblend 4500 is another top of the line blender from Vitamix, a trusted brand for blenders and food processors. The main purpose of this Vitamix blender is to make whole foods such as fruits and vegetables fully bioavailable: everything can be consumed including the leaves, peels, and even the stems. No matter how hard a food item is, this trusty Vitamix Turbo Blend 4500 Countertop Blender can process it. Whether it is simple chopping or juicing, or complex blending and grinding, this blender can do all that. It is equipped with a 2+ horsepower motor to take on any tall order, and still remain substantially cool.  It is capable of processing fresh, whole foods in a matter of seconds to give you foods with superior taste and texture, assuring you of good healthy food all the time.

Compared to an ordinary commercial blender, a Vitamix blender lasts longer, that is why manufacturers include a 7-year warranty for this product. Vitamix blender reviews show high satisfaction from those who tried or bought the blender, so if you decide to get a blender any time soon, the Vitamix blender is perhaps the best blender to consider.

Product Features/Specifications

The Vitamix 4500 Blender is a two speed blender model. This is equipped with a thermally protected 2+ peak horsepower motor that’s why it is able to stay cool no matter how heavy its workload is. It can butter hard nuts in just a few minutes without giving the motor much heat. This is a great feature for this blender, because buyers see it as proof of good quality. This powerful motor is enhanced by its stainless steel enclosed blades, capable of cutting through food items with varying hardness and texture. It has an enclosed blade assembly with sealed ball bearings, so you won’t have to worry of unnecessary jamming of this device.

Another great feature of this blender is its clear, 64 ounce container. This non-toxic, polycarbonate pitcher is larger than those of normal blenders. This is great for making a food items requiring a large number of servings. It also has a locking lid and plunger, so that none of your foods or drinks would go to waste. Vitamix blender reviews show that a lot of people are happy with this container because it is made from a strong material, that’s why it is virtually impossible to break. It also features an easy-to-clean front panel, so that no matter how much food you spill, it will still be neat-looking at the end of the day.

Vitamix Turboblend 4500 Reviews

People who bought this Vitamix 4500 blender are generally satisfied with the product and are looking forward to using it more for years to come. They are particularly happy when it comes to the noise that the blender makes. Usually, blenders make noises that are quite irritating, especially when you are blending harder stuffs.Reviews show that a lot of people commend Vitamix for delivering a silent but powerful blender.

Another notable aspect shown in most reviews is that the Vitamix 4500 blender is substantially constructed and feels more heavy duty than other commercial blenders. This could easily be noticed when you carry this blender, because it is a bit heavy, which is a good sign when looking for quality kitchen equipment. This blender stays still and will not rock or shake as much, even when blending hard food items.

Vitamix blender reviews show that owners began eating healthier foods like fruit smoothies and vegetable purees because of this blender. It is quite convenient to prepare fruit drinks and other favorite treats with this machine rather than going out and eating unhealthy fast food. When you purchase this blender, a booklet with great vita mix recipes is included, so that you’ll have an idea on what meal to prepare.


From various reviews, you can see that the Vitamix Turboblend 4500 Countertop Blender should really be a kitchen staple. One downside to buying this equipment would be the price, since it would set you back a few hundred dollars. But for that amount of money, you’ll get a blender that could last for years, and could save you more for food expenses. So if you are considering getting a new blender, this Vitamix blender is the one for you.