Vitamix Blender CIA Professional Countertop Platinum Review

Vitamix Blender CIA Professional Countertop Blender with 2+ HP Motor Platinum

Vitamix-Blender-CIAThe Vitamix CIA Professional is the brainchild of the collaboration between the Culinary Institute of America and Vitamix. This powerful Vitamix blender surpasses an ordinary commercial blender in terms of speed and results. This is no ordinary kitchen appliance, because it will enable you to discover and invent rich new flavors from common ingredients. Having this machine with you brings you a step closer to creating dishes like professional chefs do. Ordinary kitchen work such as blending, chopping, juicing, grinding and even turning your favorite food item to a puree is no hassle for this trustworthy kitchen appliance. You decide what you want to create, and with just a simple turn of the knob and a push of a button, this machine will do the job for you. Also included is the book, Recipes and Techniques from CIA Master Chefs, full of recipes that can help you create foods like a pro.

Product Features/Specifications

The CIA Professional Vitamix Blender is a counter-top model with top of the line, laser-cut stainless-steel blades. These blades, coupled with a 2+ peak Hp motor, can chop to ordinary food items with ease. At blade speeds of 240 Mph, solid foods are turned liquid in a matter of seconds. With its all-metal construction, it is expected to last for a long time; proof of this is a lengthy, 7-year warranty. It is appropriately colored platinum, giving it an edgy look for such a heavy performer. It can run on variable speeds, depending on the food item that you are processing and the output that you expect. Included is a large 64-ounce jar, able to contain enough food to quench any thirst or hunger, any time of the day. The jar is made from polycarbonate material so you are assured of its toughness and durability, and would surely last for a long time. The exact measurements of this blender are 8. 75 by 7.25 by 20 inches, and weighs approximately 12 lbs. Aside from the owner’s manual, there is also an instructional DVD that you could watch to learn more about this Vitamix blender. Two recipe books are also included when you buy the blender, both from renowned chefs and food enthusiasts, to help you get started with the cooking and food preparation.

The Reviews

Customers who were able to experience using the CIA Professional Vitamix blender were really satisfied with this great kitchen tool. Vitamix reviews show that many people really appreciate how this blender helped them consume more healthy foods than they usually do. This food blender gave them another option for processing their foods, and this proves to be better and more fun than going to a nearby fast joint and buying unhealthy foods. Buyers learned how to make smoothies in just a couple of minutes. Because this blender makes preparation so easy, they have incorporated the consumption of healthy foods to their daily lives.

Aside from the usual cold treat of a smoothie or a shake, some buyers were raving about this blender’s ability to produce good quality soups and sauces, as well as baby food. Imagination is the only limit to the creation of their favorite foods. What they really enjoy about this product is that it is easy to clean. Of course, it is expected to produce high quality food products, but clean up is always an issue at the end. With this Vitamix blender, all you have to do is add a few cups of warm water, put in a few drops of dishwashing liquid, and then give it a thorough spin. After rinsing with clean water, it is now ready to be stored for future blending purposes.


The Vitamix CIA Professional Countertop Blender is a kitchen must-have. The only drawback is the price, which would set you back more than a hundred dollars compared to an ordinary blender. But for this price, you get the best performing Vitamix blender, and this would surely pay for itself through the savings that you’ll make when it comes to preparing good, healthy foods.