Vitamix Blender 1321 Professional Series

Vitamix 1321 Professional Series Product Description

A blender has become a staple in majority of houses these days. Most of the time, blenders are used as a means to make smoothies, vegetable purees, and even ice blended drinks for those days with special occasions that you wish to celebrate with friends. Nevertheless, there are those blenders that can actually do a lot more, such as cut, chop, slice, and dice. Vitamix blenders are here to give you some help, and to show you that with a Vitamix Blender, you can join the movement.

Product Features/Specifications

vitamix blender 1321The Vitamix 1321 Professional Series Ruby has a height of 20 inches, a length of 7 inches and a depth measuring 8 inches, this is one big blender right here that can create smoothies for the whole family, including seconds. It is around 10 pounds in weight, but the polycarbonate jar only weighs 64 ounces, making it easy to carry around when serving homemade ice-blended caramel frappes or something similar. The all-metal casing with an aluminum faceplate is accented by the regal color of ruby red, making it perfect for parties that you can easily flaunt to your guests.


This Vitamix blender has a 10-speed blending system that is adjusted by the soft touch dial in the middle. This same dial allows the 2-horsepowered motor to power the laser-cut single metal blade that can reach speeds of up to 240 miles per hour. Over 300 Vita mix recipes can be found in the recipe book included in it along with the instructional DVD, and with the 7-year warranty, you are assured of great performance every single time. Below are some Vitamix Blender reviews that show how excellent getting a Vitamix will be.


There are plenty of Vitamix Blender reviews out there, but more often than not, they all showcase the good things that a Vitamix blender can give. One of those reviews tell of how the said blender has done everything for him, except, of course, cook a steak. The same reviewer even says that he uses it every single day, since cleaning the blender only takes seconds. Different persons also contributed reviews that share how their lives have been changed because of the easy-make- healthy food recipes from the recipe book themselves.


In the end, based on the reviews and its product description, you can definitely see how much great it is to get the Vitamix 1321 Professional Series Ruby. It might be heavy, but this weight is enough to stop the blender from walking around the kitchen countertop when you are using it, unlike other blenders out there. This blender is even stylish enough to be placed as a centerpiece for a party that can be easily accessed by anyone. If for some weird reason the blender breaks down, the 7-year warranty on parts will solve all of your problems. Indeed, owning a Vitamix is essential in every home because with a Vitamix blender, you can get in on the action.