Viking Stand Mixers Reviews

viking-vsm700Viking Range Corporation is a privately owned company which produces specialized kitchen appliances for home and commercial use. Viking Range Corporation was established by Fred Carl, Jr., a fourth generation building contractor. When Carl was designing and building his new home in 1980, he realized the need for exceptional, innovative home appliance products. In 1987, Viking initiated the “professional” sector of kitchen appliances.

Viking continually advanced its product line to include complete indoor and outdoor kitchen functionality. The existing Viking commercial product line encompasses built-in range tops and cook tops, wine cellars, warming drawers, trash compactors, food waste disposers, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, built- in ovens, and an entire line of outdoor products including grills, refrigeration, ovens and stainless steel cabinetry. In 2002 Viking Range Corporation progressed to an innovative market class of quality culinary products and now manufactures hand blenders, cookware, toasters, cutlery, stand mixers, blenders and food processors. The cooking products line continues to grow and is distributed to gourmet shop retailers throughout the USA.

The stand mixers manufactured by Viking Range Corporation are professionally designed to work hard, offering mixing, whisking, blending and creaming efficiency. Viking products offer premium quality, excellent performance, user convenience, and come in four colors.

Viking as a company is dedicated to the well-being of their employees, their community, and the planet.

Viking VSM500 Stand Mixer

viking-vsm700Viking VSM500 Black Stand Mixer is designed with an all-metal gear transmission which works on 800 watts motor. It supports 3 varied speeds to control the speed of the stand mixer. You can select from the primary, low and high speeds as per the requirement to mix, blend, whip or knead. The stainless steel mixing bowl is of 5 quart which is very spacious for easy mixing of the ingredients.

There is a provision of an ergonomically cast stainless steel bowl handle which helps in comfort and ease while lifting the mixing bowl. As this stand mixer is heavy to lift hence, the manufacturers have provided with two back mounted wheels which offer easy mobility of the stand mixer when you shift the stand mixer from one place to the other or while moving it over the counter top.

Viking VSM500 Black Stand Mixer features a planetary mixing action which ensures that every bit of dough or batter is included into the mix. The pop-up head lift locks in both the up and down positions. The accessories that are included with this stand mixer are a V beater, whip and dough hook. All the accessories are made up of stainless steel and are easy to clean as they are all dishwasher safe.

Viking VSM500 Black Stand Mixer comes with a one year warranty. Viking VSM500 Black Stand Mixer is a quite impressive looking mixer. The outer cover and internal transmission are all made of metal construction hence, it is quite a durable and long lasting stand mixer.

Viking VSM700 Stand Mixer

viking-vsm500Viking VSM700 Range Stainless Stand Mixer features a quite powerful 1,000 watt motor with varying 3 speeds. The 1,000 watts of power and the planetary mixing action offer by the stand mixer makes sure that there is efficient mixing and beating of the ingredients. There is a provision of a special stirring speed which prevents the splattering of liquid and puffing of flour. Highest speeds can be used to whip creams, custards, etc. A 7 quart stainless steel mixing bowl is provided which offers easy and convenient mixing of the ingredients. This stainless steel bowl comes with a wide handle for easy lifting of the bowl. To enhance the multi-tasking capability of this stand mixer there is provision of several attachments. The attachments are a V beater, whip and dough hook.

Viking VSM700 Range Stainless Stand Mixer is too heavy. There is a provision of wheels for easy movement of the stand mixer across the countertop hence, you do not have to lift or carry it from place to place. It carries a 1 year warranty.

Viking VSM700 Range Stainless Stand Mixer has a locking pop-up head which provides ease when removing the bowl and ensures easy cleaning. This stand mixer is quiet. It is the most powerful mixer, it plows through everything. The 1,000 watts motor is located in the pedestal – lower center of gravity for greater stability. To reach to the bottom of the bowl, the beater requires to be adjusted. Viking VSM700 Range Stainless Stand Mixer offers reliability, quality and style.