Varimixer W5A Stand Mixer Review

varimixer-w5aVarimixer is a well known brand in the field of stand mixers. Varimixer have been thoroughly engineered to deliver excellent performance, reliability, durability and control to commercial kitchens. Hence Varimixers are considered as the “Vari-best”. They are the best in Control Systems, Guarantee, Bowl Screen, Motors and Drive Systems, Back-Saving Innovation and Time-Saving Innovation.

Since 1985, Varimixer has sold Variable-Speed mixers in the United States and in Europe since 1915. Varimixer is centrally located at Louisiana which permits them to deliver mixers, accessories or service parts anywhere in the continental United States in less than a week. Varimixer offers an outstanding feature of “CVT” Continuously Variable Transmission which is used in numerous commercial power transmission applications and offers the ideal mixing speed for any recipe. Varimixer was the pioneer in the mixer industry to introduce bowl scrapers, computerized controls, bowl screens, ergonomic bowl lift or clamping, bowl truck handle, powder coating finish and entry and shipping on the same day. Varimixer has a huge range of mixers.

With Varimixers you can have a great control over the systems. Varimixers feature with a huge range of variable speeds. It gives you the freedom to select the speed, desired by you. You can select the speed and the time which can offer you the best result for every individual recipe. Varimixers offer you exceptional guarantee. It offers you a 1 year parts and labor warranty serviced by a nationwide network of parts depots and factory-trained service persons. So once, you purchase a product of Varimixers, you can relax regarding the repairs. Varimixer offers rugged, easy to use and reliable bowl screen.

The brand Varimixer offers with a exceptional, heavy-duty bowl clamping mechanism which removes wrestling fully loaded bowls into position. With the provision of Varimixer’s bowl truck; you shall never have to lift another bowl onto a mixer. It can just be rolled into place. The Motors and Drive Systems of Varimixer are excellent. They are quite powerful and reliable. The products of Varimixer help in saving time. The optional bowl scraper of Varimixer enhances the productivity, product quality and sanitation by lowering hand scraping. The stand mixers of Varimixer offer top performance, durability and several years of trouble free operation.

The customer services offered by Varimixer are excellent. All the products are Varimixer are available in superior quality, excellent performance in various designs and colors. Varimixer has always been a name you can trust and rely on.

Varimixer W5A Stand Mixer

Varimixer W5A Stand Mixer presents with an exceptional 300 watts motor or 0.4 Horsepower Motor and 5 varying speed transmissions. This mixer is a compact and reliable mixer with rotary knobs on the sides of the mixer. These knobs help in the operation of the mixer. The two knobs can be used simultaneously or individually. They are both used for speed adjustment and as an opening or closing function. It supports a 5 quart stainless steel mixing bowl, for easy mixing of huge contents.

There is a provision of permanently lubricated planetary head and attachment hub case. The agitator speed ranges from 70 rpm to 400 rpm which helps in quick production of quality food products. Varimixer W5A Stand Mixer features thermal overload protection and powder coating finish. Accessories that are included with this stand mixer are wire whip, beater, spiral dough hook, bowl screen, ingredient chute and plastic bowl lid. All the accessories are made up of stainless steel. The beater blade of Varimixer W5A Stand Mixer is twisted to get more folding action. Varimixer W5A Stand Mixer comes with a 1 year warranty.

The combination of 0.4 horse power (300 watts) direct drive and 5 speed transmission offers plenty of torque at the beater shaft for maximum batch sizes. Varimixer W5A Stand Mixer is a variable Speed Planetary Mixer.
Varimixer W5A Stand Mixer helps in easy and efficient performance which includes mixing and kneading bread dough or whipping delicate cream. It works great. The 5 speeds help in controlling the speed of the mixer from fast to slow. It has a sleek design and is highly functional. The stand mixer is easy to clean. The design of the stand mixer is outstanding with an exceptional quality. The performance of Varimixer W5A Stand Mixer is exceptional. It is durable and reliable. I strongly recommend this stand mixer as a must for every household. It efficiently takes care of all your baking and cooking needs.