Using A Small Carbon Filter UV Air Purifier

If you work in a crowded office, or have a home with pets and smokers, then a small carbon filter UV air purifier is a good investment. These little carbon filter UV air purifier can do a wonderful job of cleaning the air in your immediate area. A personal air purifier at work can keep you up an on your feet when others around you are getting sick and being forced to take days off. I have had a carbon filter UV air purifier on my desk for a couple years now and it makes my work area clean and fresh.


How Does A Carbon Filter UV Air Purifier Work?

There are several stages to how a carbon filter UV air purifier will work to keep your area clean. The first part is the carbon filter. This physical filter will take most smoke and other large airborne pollutants out when the air passes through the filter. Usually the fibers are woven tightly to keep the large particles from passing though and only letting clean air out. The filters do need to be replaced on occasion and having a clean filter is a very important part of keeping your carbon filter UV air purifier working out its best. This first line of defense will take care of the majority of the irritants you will find in the air, but there are also many microscopic germs and other pathogens floating around that can cause serious problems. These pathogens pose a significant health risk and can be dangerous to you and anyone around you.

The way to remove these is through a two step process using UV light. The first step, the air passes though the light and any bacteria, mold, fungus, virus or other living material is subjected to a lethal does of UV light. Do not worry this is not harmful to people, but is the holocaust for small life forms. In addition to killing of the things in this method the UV light also starts a chemical reaction that makes hydroxyl, which will break down most organic material on contact. The UV light basically converts the moisture in the air into hydroxyl so that it can do its job of breaking down the harmful irritants. Again, hydroxyl is not really damaging to people so you do not have anything to worry about here.

There you have it, how the carbon filter UV air purifier works and why you should get one. If you get a chance I highly recommend taking a look at one and seeing if it can help you to feel better.