Types of Convection Ovens

oven-typesConvection ovens offer a terrific way for people to cook and heat food without a lot of hassle and mess. There are basically 10 types of convection ovens that we will discuss in this article, so that you know exactly what each one does, and which types of convection ovens might be the best for you.

Microwave Convection Ovens: First, there are microwave convection ovens. These are equipped with both microwave and convention offer features. Microwave ovens cook food with an incredible speed; this is done by heating the food and nothing else. The convection oven facilities work to provide fans that circulate to cook the food, and they use much less electricity. Microwave convection ovens broil, cook, bake, and warm food very effectively. Microwave convection ovens are really good for cooking and heating food when you are in a rush, while not having to deal with the mess of a traditional cooking oven.

Commercial Convection Ovens: Commercial convection ovens make use of a fan that works to circulate the air inside of the oven. What this does is to evenly cook the food as it regulates the temperature inside of the oven. Commercial convection ovens operate on a central temperature that is typically low, so that it uses less energy. This can be done because of the way the fan technology works. Commercial convection ovens are closely related to the traditional ovens that people have in their homes, and operate in a similar fashion.

Countertop Convection Ovens: Countertop convection ovens make it easy to cook small meals without having to deal with the house oven. These convection ovens are very popular in many homes because they are small kitchen appliances that are able to perform a number of different things, and they are very economical as far as spacing and energy concerns go when you compare them to electric stovetop ovens. Countertop convection ovens are not the best for cooking whole meals such as a turkey or a whole chicken with, but they are good for many baking and cooking meals where a stovetop oven would not be ideal.

Electric Convection Ovens: Electric convection ovens are typically the stovetop ovens that people have in their homes. Convection, as we have previously talked about, uses fan technology to circulate heated air that is positioned near the cavity of the oven. Many manufacturers have begun to engineer the airflow in electric convection ovens to have better uniformity, which gives many people an even easier way to cook and prepare many different types of meals.

Gas Convection Ovens: Gas convection ovens perform the same basic functions as their electric counterparts, with the difference being that they do not work off of electricity; instead, they operate off of gas, which is used to power them. There are many people who prefer gas convection ovens because it is a great way for them to save money on their house electric bill, and it provides the same (and there are some who find gas convection ovens to be better even) outcome as far as preparing and baking meals.

Infrared Convection Ovens: Infrared convection ovens are a new type of convection ovens being offered, and they have a unique infrared cooking technology that will appeal to certain people. Infrared convection ovens are known to cook food up to 50{9a380f4e84d98486cb4e3fb0b774145dd920d53eef77a0fda2ce39067aee7610} quicker than regular convection ovens. Not only that, but there is no smoke exhaust, and so you do not have to worry about smoking up the house. Infrared convection ovens are great for health-conscious families looking to keep their homes as safe as possible.

Over the Range Convection Ovens: There are many benefits to having over the range convection ovens (otherwise known as microwaves that are built into the range space.) These types of convection ovens provide good ventilation for your range (or stove), and they also help to preserve counter space in your kitchen. Over the range convection ovens are matched with the range so that they keep a uniform look in your kitchen. These are good for people who want to have a range hood and a microwave combination piece.

Portable Convection Ovens: Portable convection ovens are great for families who want to be able to cook on the go. These convection ovens are small portable ovens that you can take with you; these are ideal for picnics at a park or forest where you might want to prepare a cooked meal. They are small and easy to pack, and make for a great and quick way for people to be able to prepare small meals on the go.

Professional Convection Ovens: You will find many professional convection ovens that are located in hotels, and many restaurants that have to cater to large amounts of people per day. Professional convection ovens are set up to be able to be used continuously preparing meals while consuming the least amount of electricity possible, which is done by fan placement in these professional convection ovens. Many restaurants will have these so that they are able to prepare large quantities of food for people quickly and efficiently. Professional convection ovens make a great choice compared to having multiple electric convection ovens set up.

Toaster Convection Ovens: Toaster convection ovens are small oven units that are used to heat small meals. These types of ovens are ideal for frozen meals that do not require the use of a full range oven. These toaster convection ovens use a very small amount of electricity and are often small so as to preserve counterpace, while being large enough to accommodate a small meal that needs to be cooked or prepares.

There are many types of convection ovens, and as we have just discussed each type briefly, you will want to determine which type of convection oven is going to be the right one to fit your needs and requirements. Convection ovens offer people the best way to cook and prepare meals in any type of situation, whether you are a homeowner looking to have a convection oven for your family, or if you are the owner of a large restaurant needed a good professional convection oven, there is always going to be a good choice for your situation.