Tips For Choosing The Best Belt Sander

types-of-belt-sandersA belt sander can help to speed through a job that might normally take many hours. The best of these machines are substantial in weight that use a continuous sandpaper belt fed over two rollers to accomplish the job.

As a belt sander operates, the sandpaper rapidly spins in order to cause the machine to remove big quantities of material, normally wood in a quick manner. The best of these machines are normally used in large jobs and as the initial phase of the sanding project. Some common tasks for which such machines are used include refinishing hardwood floors, or smoothing out porches or decks. Finish sanders do a much better job for fine work.

Homeowners often prefer belt sanders that are designed to be held by hand. These machines weigh less and are easier to transport from one job to another. In addition, most homeowners find these machines are easier to use and are the best belt sanders for occasional home or hobby use. They tend to remove less material at one time than the larger professional machines.

While there can be a large amount of variance in handheld machines, most have many elements that are held in common. The machines normally have a handle at both the rear and front. They offer a unit designed to collect the dust and a motor to drive the sanding belt. Some are made to attach to a shop vac in order to collect the dust while others have a bag that must be emptied on a regular basis.

The belt size is determined by the particular machine. Some of the more common sizes are the 3×18 inch, 3×21 inch and the 4×24 inch belts. Any of these will be found adequate for use in most normal household tasks.

The more versatile machines offer a feature that allows them to be turned upside down and used for bench sanding. This allows the machine to be used for fine work and makes it much more versatile.

When attempting to purchase the best belt sander, it pays to do some research. Take time to read the reviews of the many models at a site that offers owner reviews. These reviews are often more useful than the blurbs published by the manufacturer.