Thomas Compressors T-635HD Review

thomas-compressors-t-635hdIf you are looking for an air compressor that is portable and extremely quiet, then the Thomas Compressors T-635HD is the one for you! This amazing portable air compressor runs at only 69 dB, which is so quiet you can almost hear a pin drop while it’s running.

First off, I want to say that I love the design of this air compressor, because it almost looks like a rocket backpack, from the movie the Rocketeer. It has a nice sleek design with a beautiful black finish and more importantly this is one of the highest rated compressors online today.

There are very few reviews online that say anything negative about this air compressor, because it has a solid structure and it delivers 1.7 CFM at 100 PSI, which will give you an enormous amount of power, especially if you’re using a framing done to do start work or if you need a roofing gun to do shingle work.

Thomas Compressors T-635HD compressor does come at a price, but it’s a purchase is well worth it, because it can handle the big jobs and their other air compressors online that don’t cost as much, but they cannot handle all the jobs that this air compressor can and this is one instance where you get what you pay for. Another thing I like about this air compressor is that it weighs 26 pounds, which is really not that much and it makes it easy to be able to carry or transport to any jobsite with ease.

I would it’s like to own an air compressor that is heavy and makes it really hard go up the stairs with, because I do have an air compressor that is a pain to have to carry up a flight of stairs. Being that this compressor is only 26 pounds, you will not stress and strain carrying this up the stairs.

Another important point I want to make is that this is safe to use anywhere, without having to worry about circuit breaker problems or blowing a fuse. That is one reason to grab this air compressor on clearance or on sale, which you definitely need to check the link below that says check here for the lowest prices and you get the current deep discount price available today.

If you compare this air compressor to a Makita, which I like my Makita’s, you will find that it’s a great buy and it versus any other air compressor on the market and will beat them out power wise. Again to me, this product is reasonably priced and a bargain, in my opinion, because of the quietness, it is somewhat light and the engine is a real monster.

Super Hot Product Features:

  • Lightweight and portable, only 26-pounds
  • 3/4-horsepower – delivers 1.7-cfm @ 100-psi
  • Versatile–offers framing, roofing or finish gun capability
  • Low amp draw–works on 15-amp circuits and with extension cords
  • Long life, contractor quality machine–rated for continuous use

Thomas Compressors T-635HD Review

The Good

You can use this air compressor to inflate tires, do quick painting jobs, power of small tools, airbrushing, carpet work, RVs, and much much more. You can easily do the small jobs and most big jobs. If you need an air compressor for any type of nailing job, this is a very good buy and I would highly recommend it. I give this air compressor a 4 and a half star rating. This one a few compressors that can last for years and is the perfect unit for those remodeling projects.

The Bad

For doing roof projects, you may need a stronger compressor, but for the small jobs this one is perfect.