The Panasonic Rice Cooker offers flexibility and Perfection

Panasonic SR-DE102For those of us that like to cook a lot of rice as well as those of us that would like to cook a lot of rice but simply cannot cook good rice no matter how hard they try, there is the rice cooker. Rice cookers have come a long ways in the past 30 years or so from the time of simply steam operated units that are still available today to the Fuzzy logic units such as the Panasonic rice cooker that have become so precise that your rice will only be sticky if that is the way you truly want it.

Rice cookers are great because they are not just for cooking rice, many of them can double for a slow cooker and can cook other items either separately or in combination with the rice if you so choose. What type of rice cooker you choose to buy will greatly depend on how often you are planning to use it as well as what type of rice you wish to make. If you just want a rice cooker to make regular rice perfect each time then any budget rice cooker will do and the Panasonic rice cooker model you will want to look for is the SR-G10G.

This Panasonic cookers rice will cook up to 11 cups of rice and is very simple to operate. You will get a perfect batch of rice each time and with a flip on switch you can keep it warm as long as you want to. No more over cooked dry rice, or rice that is so sticky and mushy you have to throw it away.

If you are one of those people that like the fanciest of toys or someone that cooks a lot of rice and likes to make rice for any number of dishes and reasons you may wish to consider a newer Panasonic rice cooker that has the latest technology for rice cookers called fuzzy logic. Fuzzy logic allows you to custom set all of your parameters for your rice and the appliance will adjust cooking temperature to ensure that your rice comes out perfect every time. The Panasonic rice cooker with fuzzy logic can make up to 20 cups of rice at a time and keep it warm for up to 12 hours giving you the greatest amount of flexibility.

Whichever model of Panasonic rice cookers you choose you will have the advantage of simple, easy to clean up and fool proof rice cooking freeing you up to do other tasks and to quit worrying about what your rice will look like tonight.