The Information Of Wide Belt Sander

wide belt sanderA wide belt sander is used to smooth wood and other materials by power. It is commonly used in furniture manufacturing industry. Belt Sanders have a means to attach the sandpaper to move it rapidly. A wide belt sander is comparatively larger than a normal sander (There are different sizes of these machines). If you are interested in woodwork, but not professional, a small sander will probably be enough to meet your needs. However, if you have a furniture business, a wide melt sander is possible to start out your own business.

Wide belt sander is controlled by computerized table elevation. The contact rollers are coated with rubber. It can balance dynamically. The conveyor table is supported by precision ball screws, providing extremely smooth and accurate table elevation.

Anti-kickback fingers are built in front of spiral cutterhead, removing the danger of panel kickback and ensuring the safety of the operator.

Precision, heavy duty spiral cutterhead, this is manufactured from special alloy speed, dynamically balanced for extreme smoothness at high speed running.

The conveyor table elevation is controlled by a micro-computer controller. Thickness is digitally displayed for accurate setting.

Quick replace sanding belt device with strong support structure. This will ensure the precision on the product after being processed on this machine.

The instruction of wide belt sander

The Principle of sander base on driving force. They can work smoothly and nicely by frosting the plates.

The wide belt sander of high precision adopts the solid type of steel structure. It can works steadily through this design. By this design, your machine has a higher precision and longer life span. A wide belt sander is friendly for user . It is easy to learn and easy to use. They have few breakdowns. In order to service the customer much better, the corporation also design and manufacture products according the different needs of customers. And in the process of use, implement tracking service provides technical support.

Advantage of wide belt sander

A belt sander is useful instrument in any wood work shop. It is used for finishing wooden surfaces by removing material. A belt sander suits sand paper in such a way that is completely covers the belt. And when it starts moving, the sanding process begins. You do not need to worry about the security problem. This machine can operate safely by the protective equipment.

There are many sizes you can choose, from the small hand-held unit to a full 4-by-8 foot sheet of plywood in a manufacturing plant. Some belt sanders can be as tall as 1.2 metres and 70 centimetres long.

Sanding wood produces a large amount of sawdust. Therefore, belt sanders employed in woodworking are usually equipped with some type of dust collection system. It may be as simple as a cloth filter bag attached to a portable sander or a large vacuum system to suck dust particles away into a central collector.

The price of wide belt sander varys according to its characteristics. So there are different types for you to chose according to your budget.