The Best Portable Air Purifiers: Same Benefits, Smaller Package

portable-air-purifierMillions of home owners are familiar with air purifiers and the wonderful benefits they bring to a person’s health and energy levels. However, very few people are stuck inside their homes all day, often spending at least ten or more hours outside of their homes each day. Those ten hours can have significantly detrimental effects on health and energy if the air outside is poor, but now it’s possible to limit the amount of exposure that a person has to unfiltered air. The best portable air purifiers are perfect for use inside cars and on the go, and they are small enough to use inside a workplace.

Smaller Not the Same as Weaker

Generally, smaller versions of products tend to be weaker than their larger counterparts. Take cars for example. A compact car generally has a lot less power than a pickup truck (although it uses a lot less fuel to go the same distance). Air purifiers are much the same, but not in every category. The best portable air purifiers are incapable of purifying a comparable amount of air as full residential models. However, they don’t sacrifice quality of air for the air that they do filter. Therefore, they are perfect for vehicles and small rooms, such as offices. The air will be just as clean for those types of rooms. Only when the room size is sufficiently large do their capabilities begin to fall short.

The best indoor air purifier may very well be the best portable air purifier as the terms are often interchangeable. You don’t necessarily need the largest and most expensive air purifier available for the best air. In fact, there is not much point for buying an expensive model for small rooms as the purifier will filter the already filtered air more than it needs to.

When shopping for the best portable air purifier, check for the HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) label, as it means that around 99.7{9a380f4e84d98486cb4e3fb0b774145dd920d53eef77a0fda2ce39067aee7610} of all airborne contaminants will be removed from the air that you breathe. Some purifiers that rely on other purifying techniques remove less of the contaminants. For example, UV purifiers only kill airborne germs, making them good to protect against illness but fairly useless for those suffering from allergies. The HEPA label can be found on many different brands of air purifiers, and it’s simply a standard of specifications to allow consumers to understand that those models meet stringent quality requirements. The best portable air purifiers aren’t the most expensive of the bunch, but they are every bit as efficient at cleaning the air of contaminants.