The Benefits of Having Benchtop Drill Press

benchtop-drill-pressLots of people have this ongoing debate whether they should have benchtop drill press or the floor one. Both drill press devices offer the easiness and flexibility in drilling the items you want. However, lots of people find out that not only the benchtop drill costs half of the floor model, it also comes with a table top platform that provides easy access and flexible operation. after all, although lots of people underestimate the benchtop drill, there are some perks and benefits that you can truly enjoy from this device.

The Main Perks

The great thing about the bench drill press is the easiness and the great functionality. When compared to the handy drill, the benchtop drill is certainly better, steadier, and more solid. It usually comes with a table platform, so you can have easy operation and work with the table. The table itself provides very controlled and very easy drilling process so you won’t have to deal with fuss and hassle. This kind of drill is often compared with the floor one, and debate over which one is better has sparked up since then. However, if you want a device that won’t drain off your savings and you can enjoy the flexibility and easiness when using the table, this is a device that will suit your preference so much.

The Hidden Power

It is true that most bench top drill press comes in quite small and compact size, but don’t let the compact sizing fool you. most benchtop drill comes with the similar power as the regular full size press. You can drill whatever items you want, from the regular wooden material to even metal. after all, most of these press machines come with more than one drill, which makes operation easier and more flexible. You can also control the speed, if you want. These packed up features are certainly going to make your day and your job easier.

Additional Features

From such drill press, you can also have additional features, like:

Laser. In some expensive and sophisticated device, you can enjoy the laser addition. The red and bright crosshair will provide guidance so you can align the drill and makes the job easier.

Handle leverage. Having the handle leverage can make your job dealing with bigger items easier. The best benchtop drill press generally comes with longer handle leverage.

Different switches. Having different switches can be fun and enjoyable, especially to make your work with benchtop drill press easier.