The Air Purifier With No Filter Versus An Air Cleaner

air-purifiers-modelPeople are often confused between an air purifier with no filter and an air cleaner. This is because the two sounds very similar or closely related to each other. But no matter how similar they sound, consumers need to know that an air purifier with no filter is a lot different from an air cleaner. The process that they use, their uses and their advantages are actually miles apart. That is why you need a little tad of introduction to these home appliances so you will know which one to purchase for your use.

Below is the list of differences and advantages you get from both home appliance systems. Choosing one means deciding on something that you really need for your home. You can also do further research on the matter to learn more regarding the air cleaning systems.

The Difference Between An Air Purifier With No Filter And An Air Cleaner

First, let us explain what an air purifier with no filter is. Many hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories and even the computer industry use this air purifier to clean indoor air. The word purify means that the air is being sanitized from harmful particles such as viruses, bacteria and molds. Its use is centered on disinfecting air and making it as germ-free as possible. Purifiers undergo five processes that include filtration, carbonization, oxidation, purification and submission to an ozone treatment. It is widely used in many health care systems and is proven to be very effective in reducing infection in hospitals.

On the other hand, air cleaners do not win much attention – so the air purifier reviews say. This is because the use is only limited to a number of functions. Its use is centered on cleaning the air of dust, dead skin, pollens and other allergy-causing factors. It cannot remove bacteria or other illness-causing substances in the air. Your home will be much cleaner and a lot easier to handle because of air cleaners. But with regards to safety issues, the air purifier with no filter does it best.

The Benefits You Get From An Air Purifier With No Filter

There are several benefits you can enjoy when you make use of an air purifier with no filter system. The first advantage is that your home is kept safe from possible infection. Although there is no one hundred percent assurance that illness can be fully eliminated, they can be reduced a great deal because of air purifying systems. Additionally, they are widely used in many health care facilities because infections were reported to have decreased upon the use of these home appliance systems. Because of the air purifier with no filter system, we can now breathe freely and safely. We would also be able to rid ourselves away from possible bacterial and viral infections.