The 10 Most Practical Reasons for Having a Stand Mixer in the Kitchen

kitchen-stand-mixerA stand mixer is on top of all other types of kitchen equipments and tools and is viewed as one of the most technologically advanced appliances, thanks to its modern mechanism, controls, engineering and built, and overall design. While not all people have a stand mixer in their kitchen, there are actually ten good reasons why they should have one:

1 – A Baking Must

When you’re into baking, a stand mixer is a kitchen tool that you can’t live without. It is the perfect tool for preparing baking stuff and functions such as batters, making dough, frostings, and others.

2 – The Only Tool for Three-Fold Function: Mixing, Kneading, and Whipping

Mixing food and ingredients was used to be done manually and with the help of old hand mixers. But the invention of the stand mixer has made the task more convenient and faster. Aside from mixing, the default functionalities of the stand mixer include whipping cream and frostings, kneading cookie and bread dough, and a lot more food preparation needs.

3 – Ice Cream Making

Majority of stand mixer brands offer a separate ice cream maker accessory/attachment, if you want your stand mixer to become an ice cream maker as well. The mixing mechanism of the stand mixer allows air to penetrate in the ice cream, producing a creamier result when it is mixed.

4 – Equipped with a Variety of Purposes and Functions

The mixer, wire whip, and dough hook are the three most common attachments for a typical stand mixer. But the functionalities do not end with those three because the wide variety of attachments compatible with the machine makes it a very ideal tool for several different functions such as making and squeezing juice, blending fruits, making pasta, stuffing sausages, and even shredding and grinding. It is best defined as the most complete and multi-purpose kitchen appliance out there.

5 – Intended for a Savory Purpose

For those who want to produce creamy textures for different foods and recipes, the best tool for that kind of job is a stand mixer. The hope of getting a savory and creamy output is achieved with the help of a stand mixer.

6 – Hands-Free and Easy Mixing Job

Mixing large batches of food is used to be a daunting task for cooks and kitchen lovers. Even though hand mixers helped us to make the mixing faster, it wasn’t really the perfect tool for convenience. But with a stand mixer, you no longer have to preoccupy your hands in the mixing process. All you have to do is put in the ingredients and the mixer will do the rest, and you can do that with various speed settings as well.

7 – No More Mess

The stand mixer is named as it is because of the stability provided by the stand that mounts and sits comfortably on the table top. It allows you to mix ingredients without really worrying about holding the mixer. The result therefore is a better and cleaner mixing output, minus the mess and spills.

8 – Things a Blender, Hand Mixer, and Food Processor Cannot Do

Settling for a blender or a food processor means you lose the chance to avail of the functions only found in a stand mixer. Remember that although they may offer almost the same functionalities, the main difference is the quality for mixing, battering, or whipping. Aside from that, you cannot expect a faster food preparation and mixing job with a blender, hand mixer, or food processor.

9 – More Powerful

With an advanced motor and sophisticated mechanism, the stand mixer is certainly more powerful than any other tools in the kitchen, especially the hand mixer. Large batches of dough, cream, flour, and other ingredients are so easy to deal with, and you can practically do any kind of mixing job in both slow and fast pace.

10 – Keeping it Professional

Just like a professional chef or baker, you will feel like you can’t live without your stand mixer the moment you get used to having it in your kitchen. Mixing is never the same without. The way it works and the way it provides convenience makes it an essential tool for baking and cooking.