T-FAL Emerilware 3-Pound Bread & Baguette Maker Review

T-FAL EmerilwareBread Makers which can produce a 3lbs loaf are something of a rarity in today’s market, but this is exactly what the T-Fal Emerilware 3-PoundBread & Baguette Maker offers. However, the most unique appeal of this bread machine is the inclusion of patented baguette trays, allowing you to make 4 individual mini baguettes which are perfect for having at dinners, parties or even as an afternoon snack.

This innovative bread machine designed by world-renowned chef Emeril Lagasse is in the mid-price range and has received mostly favourable reviews from consumers since its inception.


  • Bakes 2-/2-1 or 3-pound loaves, or 4 individual baguettes
  • 14 pre-programmed settings
  • Touch pad controls
  • 3 crust options; Keep warm feature; Auto shut-off
  • 15-hour delay timer


The T-Fal Emerilware 3-PoundBread & Baguette Maker has a larger than average footprint with dimensions of 26-1/2 x 19 x 15-1/2 inches, but it’s very stable and quiet in operation. The machine is only available in white, which is something to keep in mind if you want all your kitchen appliances to be coordinated with each other.

The viewing window is the largest we’ve seen from a bread maker to-date, making it very handy for keeping an eye on the kneading and baking cycles. Two kneading paddles are present to ensure the ingredients are thoroughly mixed for high consistency. The machine has two heating elements inside which ensure that loaves get properly baked and don’t come out with white tops which often occurs with other bread machines that feature only one heating element.

Touch-pad Controls

Operating the machine takes some getting used to due to the design of the LCD screen. On the edge of the display there are small marks to indicate the selected loaf size and crust setting. These small marks are awkward to see especially in poor lighting, furthermore this isn’t helped by the fact there is no backlight for the display.

Baguette tray

The standout feature of the T-Fal Emerilware 3-PoundBread & Baguette Maker is the removable non-stick baguette baking tray which can make up to 4 sandwich-sized baguettes. Making baguettes does require you to shape the dough manually into mini loaves then put it into the baking pans ready for baking.


The T-Fal Emerilware 3-PoundBread & Baguette Maker excels most other bread makers when it comes to choice of loaf sizes. You can bake either a 2lbs, 2.5lbs or 3lbs loaf in the large non-stick loaf pan.

A total of 14 pre-programmed settings are available to choose from which includes several standard options such as Basic White, French, Express, Whole Wheat, Dough and Sweet. Other options include Gluten-free, Salt-free, Baguette, Rye/Multi-Grain, Jam, Cake, Pasta and Warming.

The 3 crust settings give you the choice of light, medium or dark crust so you can have your loaves turn out as light or dark as you prefer.

Another great feature is the 15-hour delay timer. By setting the timer, the machine will get to work at your preferred time and freshly baked bread will be waiting for you at a time to suit. The 1-hour keep warm cycle automatically keeps bread warm after the baking cycle has finished.



The T-Fal Emerilware 3-PoundBread & Baguette Maker has a larger capacity than most bread makers in the market with the ability to make loaves up to 3lbs.

Easy to use and user-friendly due to its simple touchpad controls, large viewing window and beep signals.

Build quality of the machine is excellent.

Exclusive baguette feature is very appealing and makes making baguettes easy.


The lack of a backlight on the LCD screen makes it hard to read in poor lighting or for people who have vision problems.

No programmable settings are available aside from the pre-programmed options.


Emeril Lagasse has done himself proud with this machine. We love it and so do most consumers. If you have a large family to feed then the 3lbs loaf capacity this offers will be ideal. The range of features and included extras make this great value for money.

We would recommend the T-Fal Emerilware 3-PoundBread & Baguette Maker to those who desire a bread machine which can produce large, light and crispy horizontal loaves without fuss.