Surround Air XJ-3800 Intelli-Pro Air Purifier

Intelligent and smart are two adjectives that would adequately define the Surround Air XJ-3800 Intelli-Pro air purifier. Not only is it affordable opposed to many other brands and models but also highly effective in cleaning pollutants and smells in the air inside a large room. The rating on this True HEPA device is for around 600 square feet which means that it can easily clean any large bedroom or even the living room without having to crank up the speed of the device.

Surround Air XJ-3800

The first most interesting fact about the Surround Air XJ-3800 Intelli-Pro Air Purifier is its use of not three or five stage filtration but seven stage filtration. By the time air comes out from the purifier, it is screened, filtered, ionized and clean. The filtration stages are namely electrostatic dust collector, pre-filter, UV lamp, TiO2 filter, ionizer, activated carbon filter, HEPA filter. The dust collector removes dust from air by creating a magnetic field for the air flowing through the opening.

The pre-filter is 100{9a380f4e84d98486cb4e3fb0b774145dd920d53eef77a0fda2ce39067aee7610} washable and stops large debris to get sucked into the tiny filter pores of the other stages. While the UV lamp and TiO2 filters take care of germs and bacteria, the ionizer removes pollutants by grounding them. Finally, the air comes out completely cleaned through the HEPA filters before getting odor removed due to the activated carbon stage.

Not only is the Surround Air XJ-3800 Intelli-Pro Air Purifier beefed up in its defenses but also packed to the hilt with technology. It is smart because it indicates just how pure the air it breathes out and shows a rough estimate of the filtering capabilities. One simply needs to change the filters when the time comes by following the LED indicators on its outside panel.

Surround Air XJ-3800 Features And Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Seven air- filtering systems
  • Air quality sensors
  • Quiet system settings
  • 30-day risk-free warranty

Multi-filtering system. While the competition uses a respectable two or three-way filter system, this air purifier uses seven. Specifically these are: an electrostatic dust collector, a UV lamp capable of killing germs, a washable pre-filter, an ionizer, a HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter that absorbs chemicals and odors, and a photocatalytic filter.

Efficient. This air purifier is guaranteed to remove 99.97{9a380f4e84d98486cb4e3fb0b774145dd920d53eef77a0fda2ce39067aee7610} of contaminants from the air within a space of up to 600 square feet- making it extremely useful for a wide variety of locations.

Promotes healthy living. People with allergies and respiratory illnesses will experience less discomfort with the use of the Surround Air XJ-3800 Intelli-Pro Air Purifier. Wit it you are promised nothing but clean and pure air to breathe.

Intelligent monitoring and reporting. The device has a cutting-edge monitoring system that gives you easy-to-read and instant data about its performance. There are also a set of lights that will tell you how clean or contaminated the air is. You will also be able to identify which contaminant is present in the air, whether they be dust, odor, or allergens thanks to sensors specifically calibrated to detect these.

Reminds you when it’s time to clean. The air purifier’s Intelli-Pro Filter Indicators will alert you when it is time to clean or replace filters to ensure continued optimal function.
Noiseless operation. You can set up the air purifier to run at Quiet setting, in fact this is the setting you’ll be using most of the time. For the infrequent times you do need to set the device to its highest settings, it will only emit a bit of sound.

30-day risk free guarantee. You can try using this air purifier for thirty days. If you are not satisfied with its performance you will be able to return it an get your money back.

Warranty. This air purifier is covered with a warranty that allows you to have it repaired or replaced free of charge for the first three years.

Surround Air XJ-3800 Reviews

This overtly under priced air purifier is a serious contender to the previous years top rated air purifiers because almost all reviewers love the low price and the high feature richness of the Surround Air XJ-3800 Intelli-Pro Air Purifier. An average rating of four and a half star speaks a lot about its performance.

Reviewers simply adored the fact that in the price range that the XJ-3800 comes, it offers the highest capacity of cleaning power. Some websites even advertise it as being capable of cleaning 1200 square feet of room. Nevertheless, all users found it compatible to their bedrooms and living rooms regardless of the size of the room.

The other feature that got rave reviews from many users was its ability to detect and clean air automatically. The amount of pollutants and allergens in the air controlled the settings of the sensor on the purifier. Users loved how it was able to sense when the turbo speeds would be necessary and automatically switched into turbo while at other times it stayed within the silent speeds.

Not many air purifiers come with seven stage filtration system. Furthermore, not many in this price range are capable of cleaning up rooms as large as 500 square feet. Keeping these two advantages in mind and its tiny price tag, the Surround Air XJ-3800 Intelli-Pro Air Purifier is a must buy for anyone in the market.