Sunpentown CL-851 Professional 850-Watt Juice Extractor Review

Sunpentown-CL-851The Sunpentown CL-851 Professional 850-Watt Juice Extractor boasts a powerful motor and sturdy die-cast aluminum construction. The stainless steel micromesh filter ensures that your juice will not come into direct contact with plastic components, eliminating BPA exposure. The components are dishwasher safe, which cuts cleaning time dramatically.

With two speed settings and a three inch feed tube which accommodates almost all whole fruits and vegetables, this machine can handle just about anything. Includes a one-year limited warranty, separate pulp container, and an eight-liter juice jug with foam separator.

Features and Specification

  • Centrifugal Juicer
  • 850-watt motor delivers extra power for juicing tougher fruits or vegetables
  • Juice extractor housed in die-cast aluminum
  • Stainless-steel micro-mesh filter
  • 2 speed settings
  • 3-inch feed tube accommodates whole fruits and vegetables
  • Automatically ejects the pulp into a separate bin
  • 4/5-liter juice jug
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Product Dimensions: 8 by 14-1/2 by 15-1/2 inches
  • Product Weight: 8 pounds

Customer Reviews

While researching the Sunpentown Professional Juice Extractor online we were able to find five reviews awarding this machine four out of five stars. The reviews were strongly positive, with only a few petty issues brought up as negatives, except for one negative review, which highlighted a potential design issue.

The Sunpentown Professional Juice Extractor received high marks from reviewers for ease of cleaning. None of the reviewers reported issues with dishwashing discoloring or stripping the finish off of any of their components. However most reviewers found it easy enough to clean by hand they often skipped the dishwashing.

The only cleaning issue mentioned was that if you left the machine to sit long enough for the pulp to harden to the components it was very difficult to get off.

Reviewers also reported this machine to be relatively quiet as far as juicers go. It was reported to be quiet enough to use in the morning without waking up the entire house. However, because this juicer has a powerful motor, you can expect a fair amount of noise out of it; particularly since it can handle entire fruits and vegetables, reviewers just found it quieter than what they expected.

The three-inch feed chute was another popular feature with reviewers. Several reviewers felt that because they did not have to chop or dice up fruits or vegetables, unless very large, it cut down the time it took them to produce juice. This saved time was useful to individuals who have a tight schedule and do not have a lot of extra time to spare.

The complementary juice jug with foam separator was another popular topic with positive reviewers. The juice jug was reported to separate foam from juice nicely and store the juice well. Reviewers also found it convent that the machine came with its own juice jug, as they did not need struggle to find a cup to fit under this specific machine.

One reviewer highlight one negative issue of the large feed chute, this reviewer claimed that they were able to find a few fruits and vegetables too big to fit into the chute, and as a result had to chop them. Unfortunately they chopped them too small and the machine “spit” these small pieces back out at them. This reviewer did not find this to be a huge issue; just something to be aware of so flying apple pieces did not take anyone else by surprise.

The most serious negative review had to do with a motor issue. This reviewer claimed that after three weeks of use three times a day the motor died. Normally we would chalk this up to over use, however this machine is advertised as a professional model and should be able to handle the extra abuse.

Overall we feel fairly confident suggesting the Sunpentown Professional Juice Extractor to consumers. The positive reviews stated that this machine performed exactly as advertised and in some cases better than they expect. However the negative review about the motor blow out is enough to give us pause; despite being advertised as a professional unit it cannot hold up to commercial use. If you are looking for a machine to use in a professional setting, look else where, otherwise this machine is a good choice.

Where to Buy

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