Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker Review

Sunbeam 5891There are many people out there who want to be adventurous and try their hands at baking at home and taste the healthy, additive-free breads. The Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker is an ideal appliance for basic bread making model. It is the perfect choice for these first time users to make a foray into the baking world. The Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker is available at a very affordable price and offers variety of user-friendly features.


  • Clear, easy to follow directions
  • 12 cooking functions, 3 crust color option
  • 13 hour delay timer
  • LED display with touch control panel
  • Limited warranty
  • Size: 18.8 x 15 x 14 inches
  • Recipe booklet with easy to make recipes

Easy to use

The Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker has gained much popularity amongst many users due to its low price and ease of use. The bread making process is a cinch. After preparing the ingredients and adding them into the pan, you simply insert the pan into the machine, select your desired crust color and baking setting then wait approximately 5 minutes to check if the dough needs any more water or flour. Finally, remove the loaf from the pan when the baking cycle has finished and enjoy your freshly baked bread.


There are 12 cooking functions in the Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker that let the user choose from a variety of mouth watering options. The user can choose to bake basic white breads, French breads, whole wheat breads, sandwiches, rolls, etc. One can also prepare the dough for cakes, cookies, etc..

The Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker offers you two loaves options – Express Bake 1-1/2 pound, Express Bake 2 pounds. Furthermore, there is also the choice of the kind of crust that is desired – light or dark. The bread maker comes with a non-stick baking pan and a single kneading blade.

Touch Control Panel

The touch control panel on the Sunbeam 5891 features a generously sized LCD screen. However, the display doesn’t feature a backlight so it can be a bit awkward to view in poor lighting conditions. The control panel itself is very user-friendly, consisting of 6 buttons which provide easy setup of the various modes and baking options.

Viewing Window

The large viewing window on the machines lid is very appealing as well as useful, as the baking and kneading process can be monitored clearly.



The Sunbeam 5891 is versatile and has a good feature set for a low cost bread maker. It provides you the ability to stop/start the machine at any cycle when necessary, which is advantageous.

It is very easy to use and maintain.

The motor is powerful, so even dense dough gets thoroughly kneaded to a good consistency.


Despite the machine being narrow, it is rather deep so if you have a small kitchen you’d be wise to look for a bread maker with a smaller footprint.

The lack of a backlight on the LCD screen means that you need to use the machine in good lighting conditions to see the display adequately.

The programmable functions are not really programmable. Rather these are pre-programmed. One has to stick to these given functions only. Those who are looking for the flexibility of experimenting with the temperature, time or cooking cycles, will find this machine restricting.

A number of consumers have experienced a problem with the pans paddle mechanism failing. The sealed bearing on the pan becomes loose which causes black sealant to leak out into the dough. As there is no easy fix to this problem, the pan has to be disposed of. However, based on many consumer reviews the failure rate is seemingly low so this issue is not quite a deal breaker.


The Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker is a great machine and is reasonably priced. It is perfect for the economically conscious who want to take pleasure in home made baking. This attractive appliance sits pretty on the kitchen counter and churns out healthy, tasty breads for the entire family.

While it lacks the advanced programmable features of more expensive bread machines, this still remains an excellent choice for first time bread maker buyers who want a quiet, easy-to-use machine at a low cost.