SKIL SHD77M Circular Saw Review


Whether it is for a constructions worker, a carpenter or a handyman around the house, the Skil SHD77M is perfect for any project. Skils saw tools are built with quality and durability in mind. There is a long tradition of the rugged resilience Skil saws have. Known for outstanding performance, these saws have quickly become one of the best saws on the market today. Eighty years ago, Skilsaw started making tools for the handyman. Today, they are one of the most valuable makers of professional tools around. Many construction sites rely on the durability that these tools can bring. The Skil SHD77M is American made and designed for construction sites and the intense pressure under which these tools need to operate.

So what makes this Skil saw so great? This saw is lighter than other models, which means it is easily transportable to the job site. At nearly 2 lbs. lighter, it is made with aluminum housings to help keep the weight down. No more tearing the back out just carrying the tools, a worker can carry this saw with ease. While other measures have been taken to make this saw lighter, every detail was still paid attention to in the quality.

The Skil SHD77M has high temperature wiring to prevent overheating. Let’s face it, these tools work hard and take a beating, but protecting the tool and oneself from fire and accidents is essential. This saw still delivers over 15 Amps of power, but there will be no melt down on the job. So why is this saw so much better than the rest?

  • Anti-Snag Guard
  • Oil Indicator
  • 2 Button spindle lock
  • Blade replacement included
  • Saw hook for safe placement
  • 2 lbs lighter than most saws
  • 15 Amp motor
  • 24 tooth carbide tipped blade
  • 7 ½ inches of cutting ability
  • Smooth operations for those smaller pieces
  • Aluminum Foot
  • Push Button Locking System
  • Lasts 5 times longer than competitive saws
  • 20-amp AC/DC switch

When using the Skil SHD77M on a construction site, every cut counts. Special attention to detail must be taken when using precision for cutting. This saw was designed for the small detail work as well as main projects. The featured anti snag guard will help make sure that your wood comes out pristine and not jagged and splintered. This saw’s blade is tipped with carbide and has twenty-four teeth. The operator must check the oil at regular intervals for optimal performance when using the saw. The easy indicator shows you exactly when oil needs to be added. No more guessing, this saw will tell you what needs to be done. It also has a pressure relief for the oil, which will prevent leaks. We all know what it is like to have a leaking saw, they are messy and a pain to deal with. This saw takes preventative steps to ensure that there are no leaks on the job site.

Skil SHD77M Customer Reviews

We all know that customer reviews will tell the story. So what are people saying about the Skil SHD77M? One buyer said the saw’s lightweight makes it easier to handle and that it is made well.

“It is not a toy and probably not for the casual user. This saw will stand up to heavy every day usage. I use mine for small and major projects several times a year. It has never failed to do whatever I needed it to do. If I only have one saw I would own this one hands down.”

Another satisfied user writes:

“This is my first worm drive circular saw and I tell you what this puppy can actually cut a straight line unlike the regular side winders. It is heavy and you can feel the torque when you fire this saw up. I ripped up 3/4″ ply all day with the factory blade and it was flawless.”

Some buyers, however, said that this product did not last over a year and was not made to last. Whether some customers like using the Skil SHD77M or not, it has still been a popular new tool. This year, the Skil SHD77M may be on many handymen’s Christmas list.