SKIL Drill Press 3320-02 Review

skil-3320-02In drill press reviews, we shall discuss a drill press that is comparatively smaller, but is built well and performs the job well. We are talking about Skil 3320-02, which has a 5-speed 60Hz, 120-volt motor. It is best suited for woodworking; however, it can also drill a variety of other materials. It is able to perform angular drilling on a tilted 45-degree worktop surface, and has battery powered laser (couple of AA batteries) for added accuracy.

Features at a Glance

  • Accurate and precise hole alignment with two-beam laser
  • 5-speed variable motor, which makes it practical for wood, plastic, and metal drilling
  • Repetitive drilling is highly accurate with Depth Stop that can be changed
  • Highly durable with cast iron work surface and base
  • Drill press reviews found the motor of Skil 3320-02 ran smoothly and was very quiet. Overall, the usage was very easy. The AA batteries of the laser need replacement; however, rechargeable batteries can also be used.
  • Setup is quite easy and you can quickly get going on your job.


  • Model is reasonably priced and highly affordable
  • 3.2 amp motor is adequate for all jobs
  • Quality components have been used and it is very well built
  • Precision drilling is possible with lasers
  • Made for medium usage, making it ideal for hobbyists and home usage


Cannot be used for industrial or commercial purposes, as it is cannot withstand heavy-duty use.

Feedback from Users of SKIL 3320-02

Most drill press reviews of Skil 3320-02 have been positive. Negative comment was about its usage being limited only to medium use, and the drill cannot be used for heavy-duty purposes. Overall, users of this product were impressed by the easy assembly and setup, and the simple instructions given in the handy instruction manual. Many were also very glad about Skil drill’s low price tag.

You need lasers for highly precise and accurate drilling. This feature plus the 0 to 45 degrees angular tilting surface for work, and a Depth Stop that can be adjusted, were highly welcomed features by the users. Some of the additional comments were as follows –

“…you must be sure about the work you need to get done from your tool, and then only you can select a tool. This is not a drill press for mass production. The design is ideal for medium usage at a home shop”.
“…the instructions were very simple and it was easy to assemble the drill. Operation of the unit was problem-free. Definitely happy with this product and I am ready to buy again from Ski.”
“…The finish and fit is not similar to a tool that is expensive, however, it is highly precise and functional where it is supposed to be.”


According to drill press reviews, Skil 3320-02 is an excellent drill press for small workshops, hobbyists, and home users. Anybody can easily assemble it, with the simple instructions. Definitely delivers a high value for money spent.
In our opinion, such features in drill press are very welcome, which makes drilling precise and easy. Skil has managed to deliver an excellent product, and this drill is definitely recommended.

Additional Details of the Product

  • 55 pounds shipping weight
  • 3320-02 model number
  • 60Hz, 120 Volts
  • 3.2 amps
  • 1/2 inch chuck size