SKIL 7500 Belt Sander Review

skil-7500Belt sanders are relatively simple power tools. It’s built with continuous loop of sandpaper that is spun between 2 wheels power by a motor. It has been improved over the years with extra features such as variable speed, improved power, auto belt tracking, etc to make things more efficient. But even the lowest price for a belt sander with these features will run you around $130 to $150 brand new. For most amateur woodworkers they may find it hard to justify spending that amount of money for something they will only use 2-3 times a year.

The Skil 7500 does a good job of filling in that niche I for these users. It has more then satisfactory power and has a regular size 3×18 inch belt. The main selling point though is the price. You can often find the sander for less then $60 on If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive option take a closer look at its features and what others are saying below.

Skil 7500 Belt sander Features

The main selling feature of the Skil 7500 is its relatively cheap cost but if you take a closer look at its features it does boast some very competitive specs. It has a 6.0 amp motor speed which is more then enough for small and medium jobs. Most belt sanders with a 3×21 belt has about 8.0 amps of power so there is not that much of a difference.

It has a belt size is 3×18 inches is smaller then the average belt sanders which are normally 3×21 inches. The smaller belt size and weight makes the sander very easy to control and maneuver around tight spaces. If you are planning on purchasing extra belts on or in stores make sure you are getting the 3×18 belts as most will try to sell you the 3×21 belts.

It has very sturdy design and the case is built flushed on the side so you can do your sanding right up against a wall.

It does not include a dust bag but is compatible with attachment to a wet/dry vacuum for dust collection.

Customer Reviews

On the positive end many of the online comments I found were happy with the belt sander. Most stating that it works surprising well considering the cost. It rated a passing mark on but only barely. The main complaint appears to be a problem with the sander shredding belts at a very high rate. I research it and found that it appears that the sanding belt that comes with sander works very well but when users goes to replace that belt the replacement breaks at a high rate. Users that did have this issue wear using sanding belts of lower quality and users that did not have this problem suggested to purchase higher quality brand name sanding belts. This may be something you need to look into if you do decide to purchase. Here are some snippets of comments that I gather from users on Amazon.

“I couldn’t be happier, I spent less than $40 here at Amazon (read more)”
“The ergonomics are great and it has a heavy duty housing and handle (read more)”

Skil 7500 Amazon Rating: 3.3


  • Very inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Solid Construction
  • Flush edge, allowing you to sand right up to the edge


Complaints of belt shredding – User that have bought better sand belts does not seem to have this problem as often

Skil 7500 Summary

Overall the Skil 7500 does its job very well considering the cost. It doesn’t have a lot features that many of the higher end sanders but for the price most people would not expect it to come with these features. The only drawback it seems is the complaints about the high rate of belt shredding. It does seem that this issue can be resolved by buying higher quality belts. One good option is to go to sears and get some craftsmen sanding belts and stay away from generic no name brands. Otherwise I can see this sander being very useful for people looking to get into some small home projects and are looking for an inexpensive option or even a professional looking for a back up sander.