SKIL 3385-02 120-Volt 9-Inch Band Saw Review


The Skil company has become one that a lot of people trust, and you won’t have to look to hard to see more than a couple of saws at any given job site. The Skil 3385-02 120-Volt 9-Inch Band Saw has a couple of features that make this a pretty decent saw, including those that are just neat to have, as well as those that have a lot to do with the functionality. An example of the latter is the laser cutline guide, which allows the user to make a pretty accurate cut. It also possesses a Quick Change Blade System that lets the user change blades without having to stress out too much. And for safety, the Skil saw has a bump-off switch, a feature that should be seen more in the industry.

As far as functionality and capabilities go, the Skil saw has a 6-TPI band saw blade that cuts through a great deal of the wood that you may run across. The 3385-02 also comes equipped with a rip fence, rack and pinion table adjustment for angling and height, and a speed motor that allows the operator to cut wood and metal. And if you find yourself cutting in low light, there’s also an articulating LED work light that brings about even more accuracy, which is definitely a help when you want to be as safe as you are accurate. The Skil saw has a 2.5 amp, 120-volt motor that runs at 60MHz, which equates to a good amount of power when you need it.

Skil 3385-02 Features and Specifications

  • Laser Cutline Guide
  • Rack and pinion table adjustment
  • EZ View Blade Tracking System
  • Bump off switch
  • 120 volt motor (2.5 amps)
  • Quick Change Blade System

The Reviews

Although this didn’t have a lot of reviews, the ones that it did have were quality. For instance, one customer said that they liked the build quality here; it’s mostly cast and has machined metal body and parts. They also liked the laser, as it was very accurate. Another reviewer said that they liked the fact that it didn’t cost too much, as a person can generally expect to pay about $50 more for a wood cutting band saw, and this one still performed as well as if it did cost the extra money.

On the other side of the coin, there was a person who wasn’t too thrilled about this band saw, although they did have quite a wealth of experience when it came to band saws. While they did like the fact that it wasn’t very expensive, they weren’t too happy with the set up. They thought that it took far too long for them to get it up and running, but once they did, they weren’t too unimpressed with the way that it ran. While they said that they would have liked a bit more power and for the blade to be a bit thicker than it was, they did say that after that adjustment it worked as well as advertised.