Shop Fox W1676 Review- The High-End Combination Sander In Mid-Range Price

Shop Fox W1676 Belt SanderWhen you’re looking for a big size stationary sander, you always expect it will assure the highest effective as possible, along to the well built-in for standing the large stuff put on it in the long pressure time.

So as you can see,the first impress the Shop Fox W1676 give to the users is the solid foundation base on a cabinet-style stand and cast iron composition, which enable to combine the sturdy design of disc sander and the unbeatable speed motor of the belt sander.

The overall look offers high-end construction while the motor is capable of wide variety sanding operations in large surfaces flat and many different angles. Let’s see the Shop Fox W1676 Review right below:

What make the Shop Fox W1676 stand out from a crowd:

Solid construction- Built to Last:

Unlike other products built-in cheap materials like plastic, which can be easily broken after using a short time. The Shop Fox W1676 highlight with the heavy cast iron building and full cabinet stand provide extremely sturdy quality without unwanted vibration during sanding processing for the durable use.

In addition to saving space, the cabinet is not only used to storage the machine after work but also other tools you have in clean and neat area. Another salient point you can receive is 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. Although no one expects our tools have the issue, but the trouble can sometimes come accidentally. So, the trouble-free service is really necessary anytime.

Professional Function for Heavy- Duty Works:

– Strong motor: Made with 1 HP dual voltage (110V and 220V), 3,450 RPM motor speed ensure flexible usage for the heavy duty. It can simply solve the big sanding surface for your business faster than just using manual way many times.

– Special position sanding: While other sander product just ability for one direction only. This sander is specified by using in horizontal, vertical and also curved sanding as a versatile machine. You can easily change the direction of the belt sander part, which has speed up to 1900 FPM, by operating the machine as you want.

Furthermore, the curving sanding job handles excellently on idler roller. And, of course, sanding end grain, and any material’s angles now just easy as eat candy with the miter gauge and the table tilt up to 90 degrees. in disc sander part (2420 RPM of speed).

– Professional belt-tracking: It’s easy to track the belt by adjusting the knob on the side of the unit. This sander also provides the tension control to adjust depend on your demand. 1 important you need to remember is unplugged the machine before doing this step to prevent the accident.

– Dust ports in both belt and disc sander: Don’t miss out on preventing the dust from the machine and in the air with the dust ports design. A vacuum shop attached is necessary for the best health protection and cleaning work area without waste too much time washing.

– Other advantage feature:

  • Powder coated paint
  • Power cord size: 10′ x 14 Gauge
  • All ball bearing construction

The Shop Fox W1676 Review Really Positive From Customers:

There’re many products that even comes with the more deluxe functions but didn’t receive trust from the users. From the customers comments and reviews, you can know exactly how much products can be successful.

And, in this case, this combination sander received a lot of compliments from other users as the mid-range price in high-end quality with 4.3+/5 star in Amazon.


+ The high stand sometimes become this sander disadvantage because you lead to a little tired for you when working in the long time.

+ The second thing we think you may dislike this sander is about assembly. It doesn’t come with the full assembly so you have to install it by your own and it may take an amount of time to set up the machine.

Final Thought:

The Shop Fox W1676 is for:

+ Who are looking for a deluxe sanding machine for your business shop or large projects in the reasonable budget.

+ Who are looking for sturdy machine with less vibration and high power motor

+ Who need to sand various directions like horizontal, vertical and curved surfaces also.