Sharpening Of a Table Saw

sharpening-of-table-sawLike all regular saws, the table saw also goes dull subsequent to continuous use, and you will notice that the wood will start to splinter and fray when you cut it. Each and every tooth in a saw blade should be kept sharp in order to avoid the wood from splintering.

Table saw blades are capable of being sharpened manifold times before the need replacement. This is why you can go on reusing the blades time and again and save money instead of continuously investing in new blades. Keep in mind that the ability of a blade to hold sharp edges will decrease every time you re-sharpen the table saw blade.

If you work with the table saw single-handedly, then you must know the art of sharpening the blade too as you will need this every now and then. We have tried to list down simple steps that could help you do the same:

Material required:

  • Grinder and a bench
  • Shop towel
  • Table vice
  • Safety glasses
  • Work gloves

Bench Grinder technique

Disembark the blade from the table saw.

Set a superior-grit grind wheel on top of the bench grinder and then turn it on at the maximum speed.

Hold the saw blades with both your hands and come within reach of the table saw making sure that you are at a narrow angle. Be sure to keep wearing your work gloves.

Push and then let loose the saw blade on top of the spinning grind wheel, on each saw tooth, and be extremely calm.

Always preserve a narrow angle amid the saw blade and the bench grinder.

Handheld Grinder Method

Disembark the blade from the table saw, and to make sure that the vice does not damage it, wrap the base in a shop towel.

Tap the toweled piece of the blade firmly on the bench vice. Make sure the center hole of the blade is in line with the clamps.

Set a fine-grit grind wheel on top of the handheld grinder.

Turn on the grinder to its topmost speed. Now be quick and lightly sharpen every tooth in the blade.

Unfasten the blade when you are done with the crown half, and re-clamp the other side to work on the bottom half.

Warning and Tips

For superior sharpening you need a narrow angle and an extremely light touch.

Make certain that you do not hold the blade on top of the grind wheel for a very long time. Also, be sure to hone every tooth of the saw as evenly as possible.

To achieve the finest edge, use an undersized metal file once you are done with grinding.

Saw blades and bench grinders- both are very dangerous. So we recommend you wear your safety gloves and safety glasses at all times.