Senco CF32 16 Guage Cordless Finish & Trim Nailer Review

senco-cf32When placing on finish trim the Senco CF32 16 Guage Cordless Finish & Trim Nailer is the right tool for the job. You will use this tool routinely to install finish trim on the go. With no need for a compressor set up or stinky and expensive fuel cells this Senco Cordless Finish CF32 Nailer is quite popular for its mobility and durability.

Senco is a trusted brand that has been known to supply professional results for over 60 years. Senco’s innovative tools are not limited to just this Finish and Trim Nailer, but also include fasteners, staplers, compressors, and more.

Price and Main Features List

The nailer is packed full of great features including:

  • Two 14.4v batteries, with each 750 drives each, totaling 1500 drives
  • Dual drive control for contact operation or sequential
  • No-Mar pad for creating a perfect finish
  • One hour battery charger, limiting time spent charging and maximizing work time
  • Adjustable depth of drive control
  • Comfortable grip- for better control
  • Two year warranty- to keep your tools safe
  • Carrying case- as durable as the tool itself
  • No compressor set up necessary and no fuel cells either, both saving money

It is priced at $299.00, which when compared to other similar tools of different brands, you can see this tool is a great deal for such high quality and performance.

Who is it for?

It is perfect for professionals who need to pack up a lot of equipment, since this tools saves space and time. It can also be used by less experienced persons, to reduce time on projects that would have taken a long time to get done by hand.

Pros and Cons

The CF32 is nicely balanced and easy to use. It fits into hands really easily and the controls are adjustable to make projects simpler. There is no longer a need for an air compressor or gas. It is fast, although there are some faster nailers available; this one is accurate and gives only a little kick back force. The batteries charge fast, and the tool comes with two, allowing for interchanging and non-stop high performance work. The CF32 provides an electro-mechanical drive system ensuring dependable and reliable drives every time, with up to 750 drives per charge of the powerful batteries. Dual control paired with contact actuation gives you full control to work the way you want to, and when you want to. This nailer drives 16 gauge nails from 1 ½ inches to 2 ½ inches. It also has an adjustable depth of drive control.

Why you should buy it

The nailer has a lot to offer including high performance and professional quality workmanship. It can be consistently used by experts or novices, and it saves you money and time by not needing a compressor or fuel cells. It is easy to handle, with a comfortable and has dual drive control so you decided how to work and when.


Thie Senco CF32 16 Guage Cordless Finish & Trim Nailer is a nicely priced high performance piece that can be used by everybody easily.