Rockwell RK7866 Belt Sander Review


Enjoy efficient and adaptable sanding with the Rockwell RK7866 Belt Disc Sander. The Rockwell RK7866 has a belt table with a tilt radius of 0 to 90°. This nifty 1/2 hp belt/disc Sander has a 4″ x 36″ belt Sander, as well as a 6 inch disc Sander. The adjustable belt tensioning mechanism ensures you will have rapid and trouble-free belt changes.

Rockwell RK7866 Features:

  • Table tilt boasts a range of 0-45 degrees
  • Powerful 1/2 horsepower engine
  • Work table is Cast-aluminum
  • Quick and easy belt changes with the adjustable belt tensioning mechanism
  • Handy dust port

The Rockwell RK7866 Belt Disc Sander is a multitalented benchtop shop sander boasting a belt table that angles from 0 to 90° and an additional range of tilt of 0 to 45° on the cast aluminum disc table. With a full half horsepower motor it’s possible for the sander to produce 3450 RPM disk speed and 1700 SFM belt speed. With the handy dust port, it makes the tilt range even more appreciable for fast, efficient removal of material.

Reviews of the Rockwell RK7866

Customers continually make mention of the power and ease-of-use with the Rockwell RK7866 Belt Disc Sander. Mention has been made of the tighter belts as compared to models requiring you to take the machine apart in order to tighten the belts. Not necessary with this model, as there are no screws and such to worry about. This Sander has more power, no belt slipping and is heavy-duty.

What Customers Like About the Product:

  • Powerful motor
  • Easy setup
  • Belt track works well

When you read the belt sander reviews customers can’t stop talking about how much power the Rockwell RK7866 Belt Disc Sander provides for all their various needs. They not only praise the strength and quickness of the sander, they are also very pleased with the dust collector and how well it works. Rockwell makes quality products and always ensures you have everything you need. Most have had issues with other sanders and the Rockwell easily outperforms them all with more power, no belt slip slippage and heavy-duty work, making it well worth the money.

What Customers Don’t Like About the Product:

  • Table is fragile

Purchase Recommendation:

There was one customer who thought the table was a bit fragile and could have been better quality. Otherwise, they absolutely love the sander and are pleased with the powerful motor, easy set up and how well they belt track works.
For the price, you really can’t beat the Rockwell RK7866 Belt Disc Sander. Look at any belt sander review and you will see that they are rated at the top of the list. Amazing power, strength and agility give this sander a total thumbs up and nearly every review praises all the aspects of this handy little Sander. A quality product by a quality company, you can always rest assured that a Rockwell Sander will do the job for you.