Rockwell ProGrade 18Volt Cordless Circular Saw Review


General Product Information

The Rockwell ProGrade is a cordless circular saw that adopts a classic design in bringing you a power tool that is thoroughly capable of delivering a performance that is suitable for today’s demanding applications. Driven by a powerful motor and using only the finest components, the Rockwell ProGrade cordless circular saw offers tremendous value for money, especially when compared against other circular saws in its class.

Main Selling Points

The manufacturers of the Rockwell ProGrade cordless circular saw intentionally set out to develop a power tool that takes a decidedly traditional approach to cutting tools. Simplicity and ease of use were foremost concerns in the development of the Rockwell ProGrade cordless circular saw, yet it has a number of innovative features that you would expect to find in some of the most advanced power tools on the market. For starters, the motor is extremely powerful and meticulously machine crafted in order to provide steady and reliable service over hours and hours of regular use. This results in a cordless circular saw that is able to adequately handle a wide variety of simple to more complicated cutting jobs.

The innovative features of the Rockwell ProGrade cordless circular saw extend to its battery power as well. Rockwell has introduced an ingenious battery charging system that is comprised of the PowerTank™ battery pack and the PowerStation charger. These two components have been precisely designed to work closely together in bringing you increased runtimes and faster charging. The result is that you can get a lot more work done more quickly than you would with any other battery systems.

The Rockwell ProGrade cordless circular saw is also quite lightweight and portable, and this is precisely what makes it so easy to control. Although it is definitely able to handle larger cutting tasks, the Rockwell ProGrade performed particularly well in quick cutting jobs wherein a conventional circular saw would be too difficult to work with. And with the ability to adjust the unit on a 50° range, the Rockwell ProGrade is just as well suited to bevel cuts as it is to straightforward ones.

Product Details/Features

1. 18-volt battery
2. 5 ½ inch carbide tipped blade
3. Dust extraction feature with a built-in dust port
4. Fast blade replacement via a spindle lock
5. Safety switch
6. Can cut 15/8″ at 90° and 13/16″ at 45°

What’s in the Box

1. Rockwell ProGrade cordless circular saw
2. 5 ½ inch carbide tip blade
3. 2 18-V nickel cadmium batteries
4. Battery charger
5. Rip fence
6. Blade wrench
7. Carrying case

Customer Reviews

Many of the customer reviews of the Rockwell ProGrade cordless circular saw mention it’s superb craftsmanship and build quality. Several users have in fact been quite surprised at the level of detail that has gone into its construction, particularly more so given its low cost.

Aside from its low price and its excellent construction, most users also appreciate the fact that the Rockwell ProGrade cordless circular saw is amazingly well-balanced given its weight. This isn’t quite the perfect choice for those who are looking for a small and lightweight circular saw for quick and dirty cutting jobs, although it is well suited towards more demanding applications that need a power tool with more heft and balance.

One user reports being particularly impressed with the construction of the unit’s base, which although has the appearance of being made out of black plastic, is actually made of chromium coated steel. The gearbox itself as well as all of the blade guards are constructed out of aluminum, which further gave this user confidence as to the durability and strength of the unit. This user feels that the added weight of the Rockwell ProGrade cordless circular saw is more than made up for by the steady reliability and consistent performance of the unit.