RIKON 50-120 Review – Sturdy Construction For Heavy Duty

RIKON 50-120 Belt SanderThere are a lot of things to hesitate before buying a sander, especially when you are finding the high-quality one. Because the sander comes with many sizes and power motor for different purposes. And it’s really a big investment that’s pricey and will work with you from years to years. So, in this case, if you are shopping for a sander that can provide the various function for professional large projects, we recommend Rikon 50-120 in a range of 6-inch belt sander. Let’s find out our Rikon 50-120 review:

Highlight Features:

  • Stiff steel and cast iron construction offers the solid design to avoid annoyed vibration and keep the machine works strongly in high pressure.
  • ¾- horsepower 110V induction motor
  • Belt speed 2030 sfpm for smoothing surface quicker.
  • Disc speed 1720 rpm and large table tilt allow sanding in various angles.
  • Belt sander tilts from 0 to 90 degrees for better sanding in vertical, horizontal and angles way.

What is impressive about the Rikon 50-120:

Robust Performance For Large Projects:

To ensure smooth and strong operation, this sander has given a powerful motor with ¾ HP and 110V motor. The belt speed up to 2030 SFPM makes the sanding jobs finish as fast as possible. No more boring sanding work that takes even a day from you.

Moreover, the Rikon 50-120 is equipped professional belt tracking/ tension with easy tracking knob for accurate belt alignment and quick-release belt tension lever provides the best belt control.

Another advantage is this sander can perform excellently in both vertical, horizontal and special angles for various projects easily. Now you no need to worry about the difficult edges sanding anymore.

Sturdy Built-In Unit:

One of our favorite things about this product is that it is designed with solid steel and cast iron construction. Most of big size sander usually get vibration while we’re sanding. It leads to the inaccurate sanding results. So, this Rikon 50-120 feature provides the great balance and high efficiency for your works than ever.

Is There AnyThing Else To Love:

  • The sawdust is one of the most dangerous to your health and the environment. Therefore, 2-1/2’’ dust port that easy contact to the extended vacuum or dust bag for easy remove the dust produced from the sanding process.
  • The large 8’’ x 14’’ cast iron table includes a standard 3/8’’ x ¾’’ T-slot and disc table 4-by-8-inch for convenient putting the stuff in the flaten surface for more accurate sanding.
  • 2-year limited warranty ensures your product will work in trouble-free condition whenever it has issues about techniques and maintenance.
  • Item weight: 110,1 pounds

Disadvantage Points:

+ This sander is a little heavy and large so it takes big space to storage and work together.

+ You have to set up this machine manual because it doesn’t come with the full assembly. This step may waste much time from who is used to installed belt disc sander before.

+ Get a bit noisy

Our Evaluation: Excellent Product Compare To The Price

The Rikon 50-120 is really a cheap price combination belt disc sander that provides various features for your shop business or large projects with solid design and quickly sanding materials.