Rikon 50-112 Review – Good Choice For Low-Budget

Rikon-50-112-ReviewRikon 50-112 Review:

Whether you starting a woodworking job, sanding becomes an indispensable step if you want to get the smooth and finer surface for your stock. For small material, it found easy to deal by using the handheld tool such a sandpaper or portable belt sander. But, in the large project where you need to sand the huge stock, you need a specific tool like a belt disc sander to solve without wasting much time and sweat. And in the range of 4” x 36” belt sander, we recommend Rikon 50-112 as the very solid and fast machine for the low-budget shop.


You can found it has a very sturdy design to ensure you can simply sanding your materials without worry about the vibration, bogged down or inaccuracy result.This sander combine from disc and belt sander for both solid and strong features.


There are definitely some highlight features that distinguish the Rikon 50-112 from other competitors. It is powered by a strong ½ HP 4.3 Amp motor easy to smooth any kind of materials to give you a finer surface.

Not only working at the vertical side, this sander is capable to sand at any angles base on the belt tilt from 0-90 degrees and the table tilt up to 45 degrees. Thus, you simply use this features to curve and sand special shape of stock as your demand. It also included the miter gauge to increase the accuracy, give you the more professional experience in sanding job.

One more point you might want to know is this sander delivers the belt speed up to 1930 SFPM and the disc speed up to 3420 SFPM. This is the standard speed for you to easy remove the unnecessary part of the wood to get better smooth surface without ruin the materials by the over strong power.

Benefits when using Rikon 50-112:

The best benefit you will get when own a sander is your job definitely finish quicker and more efficient. If before you need 2 days to sand a wood stock or a boat, now it only takes 1 days or even few hours. For the saving time, you can make more and more projects as you want.

The second things you might like is the price. The Rikon 50-112 has the low-cost than another competitor with the similar function and design. And it’s a good choice for who need an affordable product in regular sanding.

What do others discuss about this sander?

By impressed performance, the Rikon 50-112 receives 4.1+/5-star in Amazon. Most of the users like its sturdy design and amazing action in wood stock at the bargain price. The customer service also gets very good compliments. You should consider these comment before purchasing a sander. Because it will work with you for many years so make sure you won’t buy wrong.

Back draws:

This sander can work well as the professional product in woodworking task. But, in metal, it’s might a little underpowered, so if you’re looking a product is able to use in metal, you should pick a higher quality belt sander with the stronger motor.

Overall thought:

So, after reading this comprehension review, we sure you get what you wondering about the Rikon 50-112 belt disc sander. This is absolutely the affordable product which can run fine to smooth the large projects. We highly recommend this sander for who are looking a versatile belt disc sander to work within low-budget.