RIKON 10-345 18-Inch Band Saw Review


Today, there are lots of types of saws that are used by construction workers. Several companies of construction tools are making this type of saw that are now available in the market. One of the best-selling brands of this type of saw is the RIKON 10-345 18-Inch Band Saw. This is one of the most popular brands because of the good features of this product that any other brands don’t have.

Design Is Super-fine!

This outstanding outfit is propelled by a 220 – volt motor that works smoothly and powerfully. Its 12-inch re-saw capacity helps you to re-saw large pieces, as well as to cut veneers and book-matched projects easily. The sturdy wheels made of cast iron come with precision balancing and help the blade to operate uniformly. Moreover, the edge-facing thrust bearings and double-bearing blade guides help to reduce friction, increase blade life, and improve stability.

Speed Gives It the Lead!

The Rikon 18-inch band saw comes with a 12-inch cutting capacity and twin speed settings. These features help the band saw to work well with a variety of applications. The belt tensioning hand wheel helps the user to alternate between the 1,510-feet/minute and the 3,220-feet/minute setting.


  • The device comes with a rip fence which helps you to implement straight cuts. The user also makes easy adjustments for blade drift. For those of you who do not know what the word “blade drift” means, here is a brief explanation for you! Band saw blade drift is the tendency of the blade to veer to the left or right while making a cut with the use of the rip fence.
  • It also includes a re-saw bar which helps to rectify any blade wandering during re-sawing operations.
  • The convenient instruction manual, blade selection guide, and wheel adjustment tip sheet makes it easy to assemble, operate and adjust the band saw.
  • Inset windows enable the user to check the centering of the blade, as well as its tension. This helps the process to run smoothly and accurately.
  • The user can increase the longevity of the blade by quickly releasing blade tension while changing the blades or when the device is off.
  • A large 21-inch by 19-inch table offers ample work space during woodcutting operations.
  • Equipped with a solid cast trunnion for heavy work pieces, the table tilts 10 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right.
  • A handy tool storage cabinet at the bottom of the unit offers one extra space to keep extra blades, jigs, or other instruments.
  • This remarkable band saw comes with a tire-cleaning brush that cleans the lower wheel as it spins, and thus prevents sawdust from accumulating on the wheel and blade.
  • It comes with a limited warranty of two years.
  • Installation is easy if the user follows the convenient manual that comes along with the outfit.
  • The product dimensions are 26.5 x 35.8 x 76 inches; 389 pounds.


Compared to some other products, the RIKON 10-345 18-Inch Band Saw has a lot of advantages. Users of this product are very satisfied about the performance. One of the most important advantages of this product is the blade tension. Some other brands’ blade tension is very weak and slow in performance. But, the blade tension of this product is very easy to use and quick in performance.

Another advantage of using this product is the port that is specially made for dusts. It has the feature of dual and measures 4 inches for best dust separation. Some other brands of this type of saw don’t have this feature.
Then, the package of this product is another advantage. There are a lot of included materials that are very important in cutting things in construction.


It doesn’t mean that RIKON 10-345 18-Inch Band Saw only has advantages in using. Some of the customers of this product also have complaints. One of the most common problems that are being encountered by the customers of this product is the price. Compared to some other products, the price of this particular saw is expensive.
Another disadvantage of this product is the weight. It is a bit heavy tool so placing this product in one location to another is quite difficult.

Customers Reviews and Scores

The RIKON 10-345 18-Inch Band Saw has a lot of customers all over the world. Most of them purchase this product in some online shops like Amazon. They made reviews about the product and most of them are positive reviews. The scores that are given by the customers are also positive as they give 3.5 stars to the product.