Reliable Home Air Purifier Ratings

air-purifier-brandsHome air purifier ratings are based on several criteria of the products and also depending on the credibility in testing, evaluating and identifying the best air purifiers. There are several reviews available on the websites with recommendations and information on retailers with price listing.


The main criterion of home air purifier ratings is how they eliminate pollutants from the air. This is dependent on the unit that you buy and its process of filtration or combination of technologies which is utilized by the machine.

For the home air purifier ratings the air purification systems are compared. The following technologies are compared for the ratings: mechanical devices with Hepa filters, ionic devices, ozone purifiers, carbon devices, hydroxyl radical purifiers, and UV light devices. On several websites there are charts available so that you can quickly see the difference among the machines. Besides that, each purifier product is also assigned an objective rating based on its features.

Big Companies

Although the Consumer Reports Tests are conducted on the home air purifiers so that they can be rated, some of the product testing is done in the company itself, especially the big ones. Hence the Hepa home air purifiers and the air purifiers made by Air Purifiers.America are highest in the home air purifier ratings.

The companies perform the tests in an office environment on a limited number of models. They then give details about the methods and the results. Their recommendations are based on clean air delivery rates or feedback from owners. They also conduct some independent research and its reports are also taken into consideration.

The tests products and shares the advantages and disadvantages with the consumers. For the purpose of home air purifier ratings they perform particle removal testing in an unsealed office environment. The other features included in the ratings are mechanical efficiency, the noise level, ease of use, and cost of ownership and filter access of the air purifier.

Since this testing club focuses on severe allergy sufferers, they are naturally interested in the rating of high-end air purifiers. For other standard home air purifier ratings, the criteria are somewhat similar. There are basically the construction quality issues of the air purifier, the ozone issues, the odor and gas removal, the noise level and the price and performance ratio.

Some sites which put up home air purifier ratings use an outside lab to verify clean air delivery rates which are given by manufacturers for their air cleaners. Sometimes the products are rated only for effectiveness on dust, pollen and smoke.

Certification Of Products

In order to get their products certified, manufacturers have to pay thousands of dollars. The charts posted on several websites by the testing clubs helps buyers to compare products, and therefore it is important for any manufacturer to have his product on top of the list of the home air purifier ratings to be in business.