Reaping The Benefits Of Pneumatic Framing Nailer

pneumatic-framing-nailerA framing nailer is like a high-powered air gun and has use in elaborate construction and home-improvement projects. One of the main types of nailers is a Pneumatic nailer. This is a tool that requires the air compressor for powering purposes. Delivery of air into this tool is possible through a hose. The mechanism for this tool is that compressed air through the hose drives the piston. This drives the nail inside wood.


If you compare a pneumatic nailer with a cordless one, you will find that the former is faster. In terms of shape, this nailer is bulky and somewhat heavy. However, it is excellent because of its speed. If you want quickness in driving staples and nails, this is the nailer for you. Due to the extra power and capability of Pneumatic framing nailers, they drive nails into roof decks and subfloors with ease no matter how large they are. In the long-term, contractors can reap the amazing benefits of one.

Numerous uses

You will find the multiple uses of a nailer surprising. Driving a 2.5” nail into oak is no more a problem for you. Depending on the type of nails you want to drive into a surface, you can choose the best from the many nailers. Driving roofing nails and small brads is not a problem if you have the right nailer. If you do a lot of construction and DIY home-improvement projects, you can buy more than one nailer and enjoy the main benefits to result in quick and efficient results.

Enhanced holding power

Another benefit you get with the use of a Pneumatic framing nailer is that of increased holding power of nails. Especially designed nails are available for these nailers and these nails are precision-made. You will often find them packed in the form of strips. Adhesive or resin holds these nails together and it coats each nail’s shaft, allowing all the nails to stick to each other. This resin also serves more purposes. When the piston of the nailer drives a nail quickly into wood, it results in friction, which in turn melts the resin. This leads to better penetration of the nail into the wood and the holding power is greater than it is in other nails.

Personal safety

If you are using one more kinds of Pneumatic framing nailers, you should concentrate on personal safety because they pose a certain degree of danger because they are high-powered. Always read the instructions for using the nailer for a certain project and concentrate on them while working. Many people injure themselves because of their lack of concentration when working with this tool.

Combining the cost of a Pneumatic framing nailer and air compressor, it makes a sum of money. However, these nailers are very durable and incurring the cost is worth it because the nailer will be of immense value to you for years to come.