QEP 83200 Tile Saw with Water Pump and Stand Review

qep-83200-tile-sawBefore you decide to cut flooring materials, you have to have a tile saw. In addition, it is not just cutting the tile saw that is at stake, a lot is. For instance, you have to settle for that tile saw that has power, precision, easy to handle, among others. Nevertheless, the type of tile saw cutter is important as it determines to a huge level, the performance.

Not to worry, this product manufactured in China comes with a water pump and stand. It can be implemented for powerful or heavy projects as it has ultimate power and strong blades. This QEP 83200 Tile Saw with Water Pump and Stand review focuses majorly on the aspects that makes it stand out as well as those setbacks associated with it.

The main objective of this review is to enlighten consumers about the product. Before that, a few features will be described to establish how they contribute to the performance of the product.

QEP 83200 tile saw presents many features. Aside from that, it has been designed to cut through all types of materials. It will cut through granite, porcelain, marble, stone, including masonry units. The features, such as the one and a half horsepower enables the machine to cut those materials with absolute power. The product is also installed with a locking tilt up blade guard, a 3550 rpm motor, 120 Volts including North American Plug, an eight inch continuous diamond blade, fiber glass water tray, water pump and a stand with rear -locking wheels, and an enclosed dual-water spray system.


From this QEP 83200 tile saw review, it can be established that the product has ultimate power presented through the one and a half horsepower enabling it to cut through various materials.

It has installed locking tilt-up blade-guard that sees the blade change fast and with ease.

The product presents a rust proof fiberglass tray for containing water that cools the blade when it is in use. This implies durability for both the blade and the fiberglass tray that eventually does not cause regular maintenances or replacements from rust. In addition, the tray easily slides in and out for easier cleaning.

The QEP 83200 includes an eight-inch continuous rim diamond-blade for better cutting.

The saw can be implemented both for commercial or professional use as well as for DIY jobs.

With the horsepower and the 3550-rpm motor, the saw is able to cut through 24-inch tile. Nevertheless, it can cut 18″ tile at a 45 degrees angles.

It has stands as the legs can fold up and lock. Furthermore, the stand is easy to handle as it can roll on wheels rendering the machine simple and so easy to handle.


The water from the pump and tray spirts all over

The machine comes with multiple instruction booklets that may be confusing

When cutting at angles, there is a big gap about one inch between the saw blade and the tile. It does not make a zero gap.


This QEP 83200 tile saw review finds the product as suitable for the price ($600) and it presents good features that enhance the performance of the saw. Finding the right saw to handle most tiles especially the large format tiles. However, this tile saw can make a difference. You can check it out and make your review.