QEP 60088 7-inch Tile Saw Review


The QEP 60088 7-inch tile saw with water cooling system from QEP gives the ability to perform do it yourself jobs on a small scale. Granite, slate, marble and ceramic tile can all be cut with the two seven inch continuous rim diamond blades that come with the unit.

With new reviews on Amazon contributing to a solid three to four star rating, we thought that the saw was definitely worth taking a closer look at. We also really liked the fact that out of the new reviews most were four star.
Overall people seem very impressed with these saws and the fact that the price is economical is very nice indeed.

QEP 63800 Wet Tile Saw Features:

  • Laser cutting guide projects accurate cutting path
  • Large steel cutting table to support large tiles
  • Direct-drive 3/4 HP motor is surprisingly quiet and delivers enough power to handle ceramic, slate, marble, granite and porcelain
  • Includes a 7 inch continuous rim wet diamond blade
  • Water catch system reduces water run off and recycles water back into the reservoir minimizing fill frequencies
  • Large steel cutting table for support of large tiles
  • Tilt-up cutting table for precision 15°, 30° and 45° miter cuts
  • Adjustable rip and sliding angle guides for accurate production cuts
  • Automatic thermal overload protection prevents tile saw from overheating

The Negative Reviews

As always we like to look at the negatives first. Not that we’re pessimistic – just realistic.

The negatives in this case are very few and do not follow a recurring theme among reviewers. One reviewer complained of the poorly written manual . Another felt that the saw was too small and the water reservoir did not work properly and was not happy with the precise cutting performance.

There were actually only two minor negative reviews making it difficult to find negative aspects of the saw. A negative point for one reviewer was that the unit was better equipped for cutting smaller items.

The Positive Reviews

The majority of reviews for the seven inch tile saw with water cooling system model 60088 from QEP were rather positive indeed.

Aside from complaints that the reservoir for water is not removable although the top is making it easily fill able and the unit is best suited for small tile almost everyone was satisfied with the cutting performance of this saw for small jobs. The smooth cuts and included attachments were a plus to reviewers.

Reviewers found it a plus that the motor on the 60088 from QEP ran cool and smooth as long as it was wet. The unit slowed down when the blade got dry or there was pressure put on it. The saw table is metal has to be cleaned properly prior to being put away to prevent rust.

Overall reviewers gave the 60088 model from QEP positive reviews with only minor problems that were easy fixed noted.

The Conclusion

Would we recommend the QEP 60088 7-inch Tile saw with water cooling system?

Absolutely and here’s why:

While it may be true that the water tray can not actually be removed the top does come off so that it is easily filled to allow for blade cooling and almost everyone (even negative reviewers) did not have a problem with the overall cutting performance. Reviewers felt that the unit was incredible for small do it yourself projects.

Combine this with the large cutting table, wide range of tile it cuts, water reservoir for blade cooling and limited one year warranty and you’ve got a product that you can feel comfortable using and abusing!