Poulan Pro 400E 18-Inch Electric Chain Saw Review

Poulan Pro 400E

Poulan Pro 400E 18-Inch 4 HP Electric Chain Saw

And if you’ve used gas-powered chainsaws, you know what a headache it can be to get them running and keep them running. To say nothing of having to keep plenty of gas on hand and trying to stay upwind of the exhaust fumes!

As one of the most powerful electric chainsaws on the market, the Poulan 400E provides enough cutting power to rival many gas-powered models. But with all the conveniences of clean, quiet, fume-free electricity.

The Poulan Pro 400E is certainly worth considering as your around-the-house chainsaw.

And if you have a generator, it might just handle all of your chainsaw needs.

Features Overview:

  • Four Horsepower Motor
  • Automatic Chain Oiler
  • Inertial Blade Brake
  • Double Insulated

In Depth Features Review:

Four Horsepower Motor
The Poulan Pro 400E’s 4-horse motor makes it one of the most powerful electric chainsaws on the market.

Automatic Chain Oiler
The cutting chain is automatically kept lubricated with the automatic chain oiler. All you have to do is keep an eye on the oil level through the convenient sight gauge.

Inertial Blade Brake
This safety feature is designed to immediately stop the blade in the event of a kickback. The brake can be activated manually by pushing the front hand guard forward. The brake will also be engaged automatically if inertia forces the front hand guard forward.

So during a kickback event, as the saw is forced backwards, the blade brake is automatically activated as inertia forces the hand guard forward. Once the blade brake is engaged, it must be manually released by pulling back on the front hand guard.

The bar tip is also designed to reduce the likelihood of kickbacks.

Double Insulated
The Poulan Pro is constructed with 2 separate layers of insulation to help protect you against electric shock.

Summary of Poulan Pro 400E Customer Reviews:

As of this writing, there are about 250 customer reviews for this product on Amazon.com.  The reviews are very positive overall, with an average rating of 4 1/2 stars out of 5.


Many customer reviewers noted that the automatic chain oiler is very good. Keeps the chain well lubricated without making a mess by spraying excess oil.

Very many reviewers loved the obvious advantages offered by this Poulan electric chain saw over gas-powered chainsaws. Ease of use, smooth and quiet cutting, no starting issues and nearly zero maintenance requirements were the most oft-mentioned electric vs. gas benefits.

Many reviewers stated that the Poulan Pro is the best electric chainsaw they’ve ever used. And some reviewers felt it was even better than any gas-powered chainsaws they’ve used.

Several mentioned the translucent sight gauge on the oil tank as a comparative advantage against some saws that require the cap to be removed to check the oil level.


Several reviewers expressed disappointment that the Poulan pro chainsaw does not come with a carrying case (a plastic blade guard is included). Carrying cases for Poulan chainsaws are available as accessories.

There are a few complaints about the durability of the oil pump for the automatic oiler.

There are a few complaints about the overall durability of the Poulan 400E.

There are many complaints that the oil tank is prone to leakage, requiring that it be drained before storing the saw.