PORTER-CABLE PC180DK-2 Cordless Drill Review

The Porter-Cable PC180DK-2 Cordless Drill is great for drilling and driving in tough situations. It has a durable high-torque motor and a two speed gear gearbox This Porter-Cable Cordless Drill comes complete with two batteries, a fast charger, a double ended bit and a handy carrying case.


Electric driver/drill units may have the distinct advantage of offering more power and torque but of course they lack portability. This is something that only a battery operated drill unit can offer. Porter-Cable comes out with this low priced Drill/Driver kit model PC180DK that offers not just a powerful motor to do any kind of job but also a set of double ended bits that should cater to all kinds of surfaces.

The motor on the PC180DK-2 Cordless Drill and driver delivers a steady flow of 440 inch-pound torque in the highest setting and runs at speeds of around 350 to 1400 RPM using 32 clutch positions with micro-adjustments for a consistent transfer of torque from the motor to the drill bit. The gearbox has variable speed settings that should ensure consistent and comfortable vibration free operation depending on the surface. The dual speed gearbox alternates between high speed low torque setting and a high torque low speed setting to cater to all kinds of requirements.

Other great features on this Porter-Cable PC180DK-2 drill include a handy LED illuminator lighting the drill head which is perfect for working in cramped spaces that have got no ambient lighting. The motor is powered by Ni-Cd batteries that deliver 18 volts and two of these batteries come bundled with the unit thus ensuring reduced downtime and longer work periods. There is no need to wait for the running battery to charge fully before continuing work as the spare battery will always remain charged while one works. A kit box keeps all the components of the Porter-Cable PC180DK-2 together in one easy to access box making it easy to carry around.

Porter-Cable PC180DK-2 Cordless Drill and Driver Kit Features

  • Gearbox and motor tuned to offer high torque.
  • Single sleeve chuck of half inch.
  • Dual speed gear box.
  • Maximum torque output of 440 pounds.
  • Kit box comes with the driver unit, double ended bits, 2 Ni-Cd batteries and a fast Ni-Cd charger.
  • Shipping weight – 10.1 pounds.
  • Dimensions – 17.8 inches X 4.7 inches X 13.5 inches.

Porter-Cable PC180DK-2 Cordless Drill Reviews

Reviews for the Porter-Cable PC180DK-2 Cordless Drill do suggest that it is a worthwhile purchase, the majority of customer reviews for this model are highly favorable.

Most users have given it a customer rating of four stars. However, a few detailed reviews do point out some potential issues with the unit which is not uncommon with cordless drills and drivers, especially at this price point.
One problem with the Porter-Cable PC180DK-2 is the rubber outer sheathing that just seems to come out in flakes as it gets wet over the months. Another issue is the battery pack that refuses to stay put in its place after a few months because of the spring system that has slackened. These are issues to be faced with such low priced units and are nothing to be bothered about as they are common place.

Coming to the good reviews, there are actually quite a few for the Porter-Cable unit on its powerful torque and long battery life. Reviewers simply adored the two battery packs that are included with the kit which meant that they need not wait for the battery to recharge after discharging completely.

The simple fact of the matter is that the Porter-Cable PC180DK-2 is a perfect companion for home owners who want a cordless drill to do some DIY. This is not a great tool for contractors that often work in inhospitable conditions and require sturdy drill/driver units, but for the price, it’s a great buy. Based on the customer reviews and feedback, we strongly recommend that you check out the Porter-Cable PC180DK-2 drill.

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