Porter-Cable Belt Sander Reviews – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Porter-Cable 362 12 Amp 4-Inch by 24-Inch Belt Sander

porter-cable-362If you’ve been in the position to sand an entire room to an entire house of hardwood floors then you know how tedious this task is. Most sanders are adequate but not very efficient and time saving- until the Porter-Cable 362 came out that is!

If you think about it what is it you need in a good sander that may have been hard to come by before? You want a sander with power- how much power it is capable of will determine the speed at which you can get the job done. You want a sander that is not going to break your wrist at the end of the day or slip out of your hand as your hand and arm start to fatigue after a long day of sanding. You also want a sander that eliminates the inevitable mess of sawdust that is created as you go.

There is a sander that contains all of these features and more. The Porter-Cable 362 belt sander is designed for the professional in mind but is gentle enough for the armature to use it for less ambitious projects they need to get done quickly. One of the best features of the Porter-Cable 362 belt sander is it’s 12 volt powerhouse of a motor, it’s ergonomic proprietary design that makes holding and using it less taxing on your muscles, and it’s non slip grip to make sure you don’t lose your grip and cause damage to your project.

Many absolutely love the Porter-Cable 362 belt sanders innovative vacuum and capture bag for literally vacuuming up the sawdust- on the fly! This leaves virtually no mess behind and no sawdust to hide your sanding lines or the borders your working in. Other great concessions the manufactures made were variable on the fly belt changing features utilizing an easily accessible finger button that makes moving from one surface to another or changing the depth and width of your sanding capacity so you can get into those tighter areas and weild more control over your project.

ALl the time you save not having to clean up, not having to stop to change the belt size, and even the on the fly design for changing the power or speed settings (variable from 1,000 to 5,000 sfpm’s) not sound like a lot of work but take into account how many times you adjust the sander usually on any given job- this can add up to several hours of saved time, more efficient sanding and better turnaround time.

Porter-Cable 362V 4-Inch by 24-Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander

porter-cable-362vThe Porter-Cable 326V Belt Sander is one of the latest belt sanders made by the Porter-Cable company and it’s getting rave reviews from consumers and advocates alike. One of the many benefits is it’s ergonomic design. Holding a sander in your hand is important due to the strain you usually endure when sanding a large area, but with this unit your main concern is practicing until you get used to it as it sands so incredibly fast it’s not a matter of effort to get it to sand just right- it’s a matter of learning to control this powerhouse!

The front grip powerfully maintains your hand position while the bulk of the “heaviness” of the device is in the bottom near the sanding belt (centered over the platen). This allows the weight of the unit to evenly distribute across the sand belts surface area making sanding a breeze and control more manageable.

Your not forced to push down hard to make it sand deeper. They included a variable speed, on the fly switch so you can quickly and even seamlessly sand an area with several different levels and depths (strength of sanding) without having to stop and readjust, and build your momentum back up (mental momentum).

Speeds cover from 1,000 to 1,500 surface feet per minute which is a almost like having several sanders in one package! There is also a quick-change belt change lever that gives you precision power over your sanding area. A small knob controls the belt tracking and is easily accessible with just a finger.

We saved the best part for last. You know how you sand a deck, a chair, a table, etc… and always have to clean up all that dust? Or worse you end up breathing it in and sneeze leaving a deep scuff in your project! They thought of that with this great belt sander and added an innovative collection bag for vacuuming up the dust as it’s made! Porter-Cable 362V is a sander and a vacuum cleaner at the same time! Who’d of thought!? This should have come out a long time ago, but we’re just glad it’s an option on the Porter-Cable 362V Belt Sander!

Porter-Cable 371K 2 1/2 by 14-Inch Compact Belt Sander

porter-cable-371kThe Porter-Cable 371K compact belt sander is one of the most popular models on the market. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver, and its affordable price makes it a great deal for both beginners and those who have years of experience with woodworking, carpentry, and other home improvement skills.

And because Porter-Cable is such a respected and trusted brand, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the equipment while using it as time goes on. If you are on the market for a new sander, here are some of the features that make the Porter-Cable 371K compact belt sander one of the best options on the market:

Technical Information

There is a textured rubber body grip makes this Porter-Cable 371K compact belt sander easy to handle. it also ensures that the sander remains comfortable in your hand even when you need to use it for extended periods of time. The flush side of the sander will allow you to do perpendicular surfaces. There is also an auxiliary handle that makes it easy to control big projects when you have to use two hands to get your danging jobs done.

What It’s Good For

You can use the Porter-Cable 371K compact belt sander for a number of different projects. it was designed to handle woodworking, furniture making, and flooring, remodeling, and trim work but it really can handle just about any job that you throw at it without any hesitation or problem. A durable carrying case and manual will help you to put this thing to work very shortly after you bring it home.

Award Winning

The Porter-Cable 371K compact belt sander won the Handy Magazine Innovation Award in 2006, which attests to its high quality performance and affordable price tag to go with it. The 120 volt, 5 amp motor is what sets this thing apart from much of its competition. It also boasts a lightweight, portable frame so that you can easily bring it along with you to the job site. Thanks to its ability to reach 90 degree angles, you can sand even the smallest of areas on a particular project.

Porter-Cable 363 12 Amp 4-Inch by 24-Inch Belt Sander

porter-cable-363Sanding down furniture, flooring, and other things used to be a very taxing endeavor. Using regular sand paper (alone no belt sander) is a very tedious process and one that for many years some of the most ambitious workers would do tirelessly. With the invention of the belt sander, the work was taken, for the most part, out of the equation. Replacing the need to learn to “control” the sander replaced having to push down and spend entire days doing what the Porter-Cable 363 Belt Sander can do in a mere couple hours or for smaller projects minutes.

The Porter-Cable 363 Belt Sander is engineered for the serious sander and the amateur alike. it’s custom ergonomic design makes holding it in place and controlling it so you don’t over-sand or skip outside “the line” a breeze and the non slip grip keeps you from making a mistake due to vibration forcing your grip to slip when your hands sweat from the intense concentration the older models users used to endure.

Porter Cable 362 Belt Sander new 12 amp motor gives this sander an ultra powerful core with an all metal design for superb durability and handing in just about any situation. Boasting with a large capacity swiveling (and out of the way) dust collection bag, this innovative design is not just amazing to work with- it cleans up after itself! The sawdust or dust of whatever material your sanding is usually a liability as you can easily slip on it and sanding often puts dust into the air where you can breathe it in and potentially sneeze causing a slip up!

With a quick change belt design run from a finger knob that’s easily accessible no matter how your holding it your job is going to be easier and more controllable. You can adjust the sander between 1k and 1.5k SFPM to tackle different jobs or to make working on one multi-level project seamless (you can change it on the fly so it’s incredibly convenient!).

Weather you have a small project to work on such as sanding a coffee table you found and want to refurbish, to a contract to sand an entire houses wood flooring- this Porter-Cable 363 Belt Sander can handle it. It’s not only efficient, cleaning up after itself (vacuums up the sawdust), and powerful, it’s easy to use and powerful enough for the professional to use commercially!

Porter-Cable 352VS 8 Amp 3-Inch-by-21-Inch Variable-Speed Belt Sander

porter-cable-352vsIf you are looking for a saw that can handle just about any job you can throw at it, the Porter-Cable 352VS variable-speed belt sander just might be the one for you. Whether you have small projects that you complete on a regular basis, or you need a sander to handle bigger projects (such as home or big product building), you will find that this sander can take care of simple jobs and those that are more in depth as well. Here are some of the most noteworthy features of the Porter-Cable 352VS variable-speed belt sander:

It Has an Impressive All Metal Housing

This is a sander that provides a solid feel to the touch, and makes it a hard piece of equipment to damage as well. The housing also helps to enable you to sand your items without having to press down hard in order to be effective. You will also find the housing to be effective in keeping the sanding belt centered which will dramatically cut down on frustration.

It’s complete With a Variable-Speed Dial

The speed dial on the Porter-Cable 352VS variable-speed belt sander will allow you to match the speed of the sander with the scope of the project. This means that you can speed things up for big and aggressive projects, while slowing thing down when you want more precision. In fact this feature alone is what makes it a great option for a variety of different projects.

It Can’t Get Much More Quiet Than This

The Porter-Cable 352VS variable-speed belt sander is one of the most quiet sounding sanders on the market. this is due tot he machine’s newly designed gear system and serpentine drive belt which is much quieter than your typical cog system. Protecting the ears with quieter equipment is a pretty big deal.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons this particular sander might be the best decision for you and the projects that you normally complete. You can find both new and refurbished options on the Internet that are priced affordably as to not break the bank.