PORTER-CABLE 371K Compact Belt Sander Kit Review


The Porter Cable 371k belt Sander is a very uniquely designed compact belt Sander. This handy little handy little tool has a very ergonomic build. There really can’t be a comparison that can be made about this little belt Sander. It has a belt size of 2.5 wide by 14 inch and weighs in at just less than 5 pounds. To put this in perspective it is about the size of a small loaf of bread. So an average person can comfortably hold and carry this Sander with one hand. Do not let the size of the Porter Cable 371k fool you though it has a decent amount about of power and will surprise you if you are not ready.

There really is no comparison that can be made with the Porter Cable 371k it is “the” sander to have when looking for a compact belt sander.  Ultimately though if you a curious to learn more about the sander read further down for the features and listing.

Porter Cable 371k Features

As discussed earlier the Porter Cable 371k has a belt size of 2.5” in width and 14” inches in length. The entire length of the sander is just under 17” and it weighs just under 5 pounds. This makes the sander very maneuverable and most users can comfortably use the sander with one hand without it getting away.

The motor has 5 amps of power and can run at 1100 surface feet per minute. This is more than enough power for most jobs. Do not underestimate the power of the this Sander because even though it is meant to be use with one hand if you do not have a firm grip, it can still get away from you. The downside is it doesn’t have variable speed function so you cannot change the speed of the belt. But as long as you have firm grip when sanding and let the sanding run with putting too much pressure on it then it should be fine for any wood surface.

The texture rubber grips and lower center provides good handling and control in tight spaces. The flush designs allow for better sanding up against walls and perpendicular surfaces and the power switch is dust sealed preventing from unintended shut offs. It does not include a dust bag but has a standard rounded connector that is compatible with most shop vacuums. The Sander comes with an 80-grit sanding belt and carrying case.

This Sander is meant to be used in tight spaces. You can get into tight spaces like cabinets, drawers and is perfect for sanding the side edges of doors, fences and chairs.

Porter Cable 371k User Reviews

The Porter Cable 371k currently has a rating at 5 out of 6 stars from a total of 48 user ratings at Amazon.com. Some of its biggest complaints are that parts of the sander do heat up fairly quickly and the tracking needs to be adjusted. The general consensus from online users though is that it is one the best compact sanders on the market. Here are just a couple of snippets of the comments taken from the website.

“Very powerful. Size makes it easy to use, can actually operate one handed and it doesn’t run away… (read more)”
“This is a great little sander, compact, powerful, easy to handle & use…. (read more)”

Porter Cable 371k Amazon Rating: 4.1


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Great for jobs requiring work on tight spaces like stairways, fences etc…
  • Relatively Inexpensive


  • Not suitable for jobs requiring large stock removal
  • No built in dust collection

Porter Cable 371k Summary

As discuss earlier this Sander is uniquely built. It does not really fit in the regular size Sanders and you won’t be using the Sander for big floor or deck home improvement projects. The small belt size will make most projects take a little bit longer than normal but then again most people who would buy this Sander won’t be intending to use it for such projects anyways. Most will have their regular 4×21 Sanders and will be using the 371k as side tool when needed.

The great thing is the Sander won’t break the bank because depending on how hard you look you can probably find one for about $100. The Porter Cable 371k would make a great addition to any garage tool collector!