PORTER CABLE 362V Belt Sander Review

PORTER CABLE 362V reviewIn the previous posts, we’ve already present to you some belt sander models that really supportive in small projects. We also received some comments asking which belt sander is appropriated with the hardwood and floor sanding works. We’ve known those jobs need the specialized sander with more powerful and more speed to get the better results and time-saving without sweating all day long.

So after considered many factors, we provide you the Porter Cable 362V belt sander reviews, which comes with 4-inch by 24-inch, the well-built heavy design with the large powerful motor for hardwood and floor work. Plus, we also recommend the suitable sandpaper to this sander and compare it with other brands products with have the equal utility.

Why the Porter Cable 362v belt sander useful for you?

1. Professional powerful motor:

The Porter Cable 362V belt sander is powered by the most powerful and effective motor up to 12 Amp, provides the more abrasive surface, that helps your job finish faster and totally balance with the motor plate location. The most obnoxious of sanding is time-consuming. It takes too much time with large effort from you. Are you any sand your floor in whole weeks? And it’s really awful experience. So the good tool will be the great assistant for your job. No more frustrating. Just done your work as fast as you want.

2. Useful for various kind of home works:

The Porter Cable 362V is highlighted by the variable speed adjustment from 1,000 to 1,500 SFPM. That includes platen location provides a very easy to control the speed in every material of your plans beginning with low speed for the little job to high speed for harsh surface. The design allows you to flush to the vertical side for sanding floorboard, rough materials and various home works. In fact, this belt sander gives the comfortable handle to switch. This feature is really essential because when you working in hard and huge space, the easier to control in the tool, the more fast and safe you get.

3. Dust bag and belt included:

The dust bag now is one of the most important factors to consider before choosing a belt sander. As you know, the sander creates so much sawdust that make your working area dirty and risk to your body. The Porter Cable 362V is founded with the dust collector assembly, manual operating, which provides a clean and sanitary sanding every time it is used. Moreover, the quick-release belt changes lever to easy replace the suitable belt for a range of your projects. This product also includes 100G belt, the premium belt with lasting long for almost sanding tasks.

Does this sander have any back draw?

This belt sander was introduced as all metal made, but this feature cause the hot runner when working in long time. And the dust bag also a little small. So you need to make sure that you clean the bag before it over full. The dust bag’s also located in the handle, thus sometimes it make the direct more difficult.

Final Thought:

This Porter Cable 362V belt sander was designed to perform well on hard materials sanding such as harsh wood, floor sanding, floor boards and useful in many tasks through the variable speed dial, heavy structure, in addition to powerful motor with great balance. It is one of the most appropriate belt sander available and is the consistent choice for the hardwood and floor sanding in the price range.