Portable Magnetic Drill – Cutting Accurately And Fast

portable-magnetic-drill-pressMagnetic drills are designed for cutting hard material like steel. These magnetic drills have different types and designs. When the work place is far enough or not so large that you carry a machine with you can bring portable drill with you so that outdoor and indoor drilling becomes easy for you. Magnetic drill press offer best equipment that is portable magnetic drill.

Portable magnetic drills are mostly used by welders, contractors, steel fabricators, maintainers, and other like workers. These magnetic drills are ideal as they increase your productivity, improve the quality of work, and safe your time. Portable magnetic drills are best because they offer you the opportunity to carry these mag drills with you where you want easily. It is considered the tool of choice and available in different sizes. When you want to work and you can’t carry it through a machine then at that time portable magnetic drill is best for you. These magnetic drills are available in variety of sizes and designs and have their specific task; and are mostly used by carpenters, contractors, and fabricators these days. Portable magnetic drills are annual cutters which come with different features. This portable drill is versatile and becoming popular with each passing day.

As the name indicates that they are portable so they are not so big but still are powerful that they easily do a particular task. The drills used in this magnetic drill press are not so small that they become hard to reach during drilling. Most used portable magnetic drill is manual feed that is mostly used by annual cutters and is ideal for cutting holes jobs. Most of these portable drills have three handles along with a gib and a slide for easy movement of arbor, cutter, and motor together. There are many other portable drills that work efficiently as they have high speed and horse power. Other portable drills include quill feed, low profile, power feed, swivel base drills and also many others; as there are permanent magnet drills but they are not widely used.

Portable magnetic drills are best designed for cutting holes accurately and fast. They are considered ideal for drilling metals and structural steel. There are different types of these portable drills which are powerful and compact that they can easily drill holes up to a diameter of 5” from a material of about 4” thick. Portable magnetic drills are really heavy duty drills that are mostly used during construction and in industries. Some of the special features of these portable magnetic drills are: Sensortic system, LED indicator, and Power Assist. First one is designed to measure the adhesive force of magnet, second feature of LED indicator warns you when the magnetic force is insufficient and when it is accurate by lighting up red and green light. The last feature that is power assist is designed with quality of transferring torque. The last feature helps to decrease the load on drilling machine as well as cutter. Portable magnetic drill is efficient enough that it reduces the time for drilling, increase the life span of drill bit, machine, and cutter, and prevent the breakage of cutters.