Pool Vacuum Cleaner: Choose What Type will fit Your Pool

Pool Vacuum CleanerOwning a swimming pool is perfect for some recreational activities. You can have fun with your friends and family anytime that you want. However, when all the fun stuff is over, you are left with the cleaning problem. You can try to clean it using pool vacuum cleaner, which was invented by a hydraulic engineer from South Africa. Ferdinand Chauvier was the one responsible in creating the very first pool vacuum cleaner and it was in 1974 when he introduced the Kreepy Krauly.

The success of his invention has given some of the inventors to develop even more advance pool cleaner. Pool vacuum cleaner has its different classification, it can either be used manually or it can be installed in the pool. There are various types of pool vacuum cleaner that you can choose from these are the return-side or the pressure driven, suction-side driven, and the electronic or robotic.

The return-side is also classified as a pressure driven because it has the same process of cleaning the pool. Both requires a pump in cleaning but the pressure driven use a booster pump that provides additional pressure to the water. The suction-side driven is connected in a hose that operates even without any human assistance. This robotic type of pool vacuum cleaner can pick up all the dirt in your pool by sucking it into the hose and it will continue its process even you leave it overnight. Lastly, the electronic pool cleaners use a motor block that consist of a pump, a processor, and drive motor. The sand and the debris that it sucks go directly into the bag. It will continue its process until it has completed the program.

Pool vacuum cleaner is a great device especially for those who have a huge swimming pool. You will no longer hire a lot of employee just to make it clean. Purchase one now and experience how great the product is.