Paslode CR175C Cordless Roofing Nailer Review

paslode-cr175cWith the nailer market seeing new products enter in regular intervals, any user can choose nailers providing best and efficient solutions. Among all of them in the market, this Paslode CR175C from Paslode is supposed to be fast and easy to use and provides less jobsite clutter than any other ordinary product from this category. It is especially convenient for professionals involved in a wide area of remodeling jobs.

This CR175C Roofing Nailer is a model by Paslode, a leading American manufacturer of cordless as well as pneumatic nailers, which has been in this business of providing high quality fasteners and fastening tools for nearly seven decades now. Being considered worldwide a leading manufacturer of pneumatic nailers, fasteners, and staplers particularly for wood to wood construction, the company’s main focus is on innovation.

On July 25 2011, the it was listed among the 30 winners of the Most Valuable Product Awards from Building Products magazine.

Price and main features list

Having been designed intuitively, this nailer carries sharp features that separate it from the rest; here are some to name a few.

  • Easy loading
  • The pack contains: the carrying case, the clear safety glasses, a battery charger, a rechargeable battery, a hex key, the owner’s manual and a tool reference guide
  • Soft grip handle ensuring a greater comfort
  • Eliminate compressor set-up and tear-down
  • Improve workplace mess
  • 1st fuel powered cordless roofing device
  • Drives two nails every second
  • Better option to hand nailing

The nailer could be shipped for free. With the price varying between $399 and $429 you’ll realize that it is quite cheaper and affordable than most of the other brands, thanks to its advantages and applications. For the purchase of the tool, you receive a nail combo pack plus a backpack carrying case.

Who is it for?

It practically designed and offers an easy manipulation for both left and right-handed. It is simple to use even for those trying to use it for the first time. In emergency situations, such as disasters, using the nailer can save not only time, but also lives because it can fix rapidly various problematic contexts.

Pros and cons

This great nailer is considered by both specialists and users a very useful tool: it saves time and labor costs and eliminates jobsite clutter. It can be used in a wide range of jobs: steep slope roofs, dormers, vent installations, repairs, small additions, garages repair. The nailer enables the user to perform its tasks faster and easier. Have you ever needed a pneumatic drill kind of a nailer that gives better control and easy settings? Wanted to control and make use of the efficiency and power of a fantastic nailer? Whether you need to fix fast a steep sloped roof or to succeed in finishing various remodeling jobs, the nailer is what you would need.

Why you should buy it

It is very popular among professionals due the convenient price and its easy working settings. Professionals consider that the tool is allowing a better distribution of jobs and assignments within the working team. Thus, the nailer makes possible that what used to be before a three-man job could be performed by only one single person. This could be your start for boosting your profits.


Paslode CR175C Cordless Roofing Nailer is appropriately priced, it’s easy and practical to operate and has enough features thus purchasing it would be a valuable investment for you.