Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners – A Perfect Machine to Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy


Panasonic vacuum cleaners are the blockbusters in the market because of their wide range of models that give excellent quality and performance. The most common type of Panasonic vacuum cleaners available in the market are upright vacuum cleaners. This top selling vacuum cleaner is the best and perfect one to keep your home very clean. This quality brand vacuum machines help you clean all types of floors like vinyl, tiled or vitrified and wooden. The long extendable hose reaches everywhere to keep your home clean and tidy. Panasonic vacuums have a wide range of models to choose from; however, you can buy one by thoroughly analyzing your needs. They clean any types of floors and remove dust, dirt, pet hair and other allergens quite easily.


The most popular types of Panasonic vacuum cleaners are upright, canister, cylinder and portable vacuum cleaners, but Panasonic actually makes lots of different styles to choose from light vacuum cleaners to bagged vacuum cleaners.

Panasonic Canister vacuum cleaners: They are ideal for cleaning all types of carpets, floors, wood and furniture. The head attachment with flexible hose sucks dust, dirt and other allergens from the air to keep everything clean. The 360 degree swivel hose can reach below the furniture and the HEPA filter system removes all the dust particles to keep your home secured and clean. The light weighed canister vacuum cleaners weigh only thirteen pounds. They are equipped with 12 amps motor that make the suction powerful and the accessories and attachments make cleaning very flexible and easy. You can find both bagged and bagless canister vacuums under this model.

Panasonic Cylinder vacuum cleaners: These vacuum cleaners have cylinder as an alternative for bags. They are quite suitable for cleaning any surfaces like hard floors, furnishings, furniture and carpets. They are known to be the most versatile and compact machines for homes.

Panasonic traditional upright vacuum cleaners: These vacuum cleaners have a hose to reach the high ceilings and stairs. The powerful motor has automatic adjustments to suit the carpet heights. The automatic cord rewind and 15 feet cleaning path help an easy and fast cleaning by reaching all corners of the house. The dust brush and wands help cleaning the crevices and cracks around the house. This is a bagged vacuum cleaner and the bags can be purchased online.

Panasonic Cyclone Vacuum Cleaners

This Panasonic bagless upright/canister combination vacuum cleaner is known for its high suction power that helps clean any place of your home quite easily. The 12 amp motor system helps cleaning dust, dirt, pet dander, dry spills and allergens keeping your home thoroughly clean. The well-designed nozzle adjusts automatically to any carpet heights and cleans it perfectly. It has headlights which illuminate the corners while cleaning the corners. The built in dirt sensor indicates the area which has more dust. The one touch button switches between the floors to give a complete vacuuming. This vacuum is suitable for all types of floors.

Panasonic cordless vacuum cleaners

This light weighed, easy to carry, battery operated vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning cars and corners of your home and shelves. The HEPA filter system ensures complete cleaning of any dust or allergens in your home. The air exhauster reduces the temperature of the cleaner while vacuuming.

Used and refurbished Panasonic vacuum cleaners: If you are a budget buyer, there are used or refurbished Panasonic vacuum cleaners that can help you meet any of your cleaning demands. These machines are generally available in a discounted price online.


Panasonic vacuum cleaners are known for their thorough cleaning performance and hence, you can use them to clean anything like dirt, dust, allergens, spills, pet hair, etc., on any surface quickly and easily.


When it comes to cleaning, Panasonic vacuums are known for their best performance. According to the reviews, these vacuum cleaners are ideal for any homes since they can clean even the toughest of the dirt or pet dander on any surface. For this reason, they have received high ratings of 4 and 5 from their users. The powerful dual 12-amp motor, dirt sensor, telescopic handle and automatic floor height adjustment, HEPA filter and belt saver are the other features that make these cleaning machines quite popular among other brands.