Omega Juicer 8006 Nutrition Center Juicer Review

Omega-Juicer-8006The Omega juicer 8006 is one of the most multi-purpose, efficient and economical juicing machines available; this machine really impresses as it functions as juicer, food processor, pasta extruder, homogenize and grinder in one magnificent machine. The Omega not only makes the most fabulous juices from anything and everything you throw at it, it’s also capable of making smoothies, sorbet, pasta, baby food and nut butters. It will even grind your coffee! This is truly a solid all-in-one machine that will outperform your expectations, so save your time, money and frustrations with other juicers and buy the Omega juicer 8006. You will love watching this appliance work.

The Juice

If you are considering creating healthy, nutritious and homemade drinks without breaking the bank, then it’s time to discover the Omega juicer 8006. This single gear masticating extractor is very affordable, easy to use and efficient and produces a lot less foam than double gear machines. The slow speed of the Omega’s auger breaks down fruits, vegetables and leafy greens efficiently without generating any heat while yielding the most juice, maintaining flavour and allowing minimal pulp to make its way into the juice. Machines that get too hot lead to the oxidation of the juice, thereby destroying the highly concentrated nutritional benefits. This heavy duty juicer is easy to assemble, operate and clean, making juicing hassle-free and convenient. There is even a built-in reverse feature to prevent clogging.

Besides the great juice that can be made using this machine, you are going to love the additional capabilities, such as making homemade spaghetti, linguine, nut butters, sorbet or bread sticks using the included attachment; it is a truly amazing juicer that does a lot more than a regular juice extractor. Like with any juicer, prep work can be minimized by cutting items up while feeding them into the machine. There have been some who have attempted to get even more juice extracted from already masticated fruits and vegetables, but have discovered just how well the Omega 8006 does the job the first time. The pulp comes out so fluffy and dry during the first processing that putting it through again proves futile; that’s very impressive. That means nothing is wasted in the process and anything, hard or soft will be juiced completely; however, there has been some success with re-juicing wheatgrass. The mincing setup is great for babies and anyone with special diet requirements who need their foods broken down into soft palatable portions. You will love what you can do with this appliance.

Ease of Use

The entire process of using this Omega appliance is easy and stress-free, especially utilizing its full potential. First, all the parts snap together in seconds, so you don’t waste time setting up when you should be juicing. The machine is amazingly quiet and very efficient at juicing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The Omega juicer 8006 machine and wheatgrass kit is your step towards a healthier lifestyle. Live, create and be healthy!

Clean Up

As specified earlier this Omega juicer 8006 is easy to use, so why would clean-up be any different? So it’s not. Clean-up is simple and quick (2-3 minutes) by rinsing under warm tap water or for more stubborn fruits and vegetables; a good soaking in hot soapy water does the trick. All parts are top rack dishwasher safe for those who prefer that method. In addition, it’s great there aren’t a million pieces, sharp screens or hard to clean areas on this juicer. The little brush, much like an oversized toothbrush, is included to aid in cleaning the built-in strainer quickly. The large durable plastic auger is simple to clean as well, not to mention strong and efficient at juicing anything you put to it.


The Omega juicer 8006 looks good, it’s quiet and powerful—it gets the job done no matter what vegetables or greens or fruit you put in it. If you are looking for a juicer that does wheatgrass this one fits that bill too. In fact, this particular one comes with everything you need to grow your own wheat-grass! I should also point out that growing wheat-grass is as easy as this juicer, (2-3 days) and will save you so much time and money instead of paying retail at the market. The Omega single auger masticating juicer churns at a perfect 80-RPM thus maintaining a constant rate aiding in preventing heating the fruit or vegetables and preserving all those magnificent nutrients which contributes to the juices longevity. The liquid refreshments made using the Omega will hold its nutrition for up to 72 hours in the refrigerator. Its heavy duty industrial strength construction looks and feels like commercial grade, it will not disappoint and it even comes with an incredible 15 year warranty! So, if you’re looking for quality you have found it in theOmega juicer 8006.

Average Rating

The Omega juicer 8006 has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars!

Pros VS Cons


  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Top-quality
  • Quiet
  • Dry pulp, even leafy greens
  • Quick & easy to use & clean


  • Feed chute could be larger
  • Some may feel machine is too big
  • Some won’t use pasta and coffee grinder
  • Soft fruit used exclusively sometimes clogs (use a variety hard and soft)

The Bottom Line

The Omega juicer 8006 in chrome and black comes with an organic wheat-grass growing kit, which includes: trays, seeds, soil, instructions and more. I would like to suggest checking out the numerous YouTube videos that are available. They are most helpful at seeing just what this machine is capable of, especially if you are new to juicing. So, have I convinced you yet? I hope so, this juicer is the best. Buy this juicer, it is a great investment, a solid machine and will give you years of healthy living, you will not regret it.